Soul Facilitation

The cells of the human body are like a storehouse of information; each and every cell contains information from this lifetime and beyond. All the experiences that you have ever had, whether from this lifetime or past lifetimes or expressions are coded into the body. This encoded information contains programming about who you think you are. You operate and create your reality from the beliefs. Not all of these beliefs are your soul’s truth. You learnt these beliefs from your parents, family, friends and authority figures. The body holds these negative beliefs about yourself and you have no other choice than to be the person these beliefs dictate you are. This negative programming emits a frequency that is held by the cells, this frequency is a low frequency of fear, anger, pain and suffering. We need to clear this programming, bringing space in which to reprogram the body with beliefs that are in alignment with the souls truth. By bringing in the energy of the soul into the body, the very nature of this energy clears the body and brings in a higher more truthful program of who you really are. The soul’s energy is a high frequency, the fear a low frequency, science says that a high frequency and a low frequency cannot exist in the same space at the same time, so the higher cancels out the lower. This allows the soul to then encode its high information about who you really are into the body. You are then able to operate from this new belief system of yourself. You see that in your truth, you are all multi-dimensional beings of light, existing on all the dimensions of creation in one form or another. By doing the following transformational process you can remove the low frequency, encode the higher and live your life the way your soul intended, free of fear, anger, pain and suffering.

The Transformational Process.

1) Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Try to relax your body the best you can allow your mind to clear. Remove all expectations and allow your mind to let go. This process is not about the mind but the relationship between your soul and its body.

2) Take your awareness into the body, scan the body and see where you hold pain, tension or stiffness. Allow the body to show you where the negativity is stored. Also breathe deep into your stomach; notice fear and any butterfly feelings, this is programmed fear. Do not try to change anything but just notice. Give your body the permission to show you the emotions connected with these feelings. You can think of an issue that is negatively affecting your life right now and see how this affects your body. For example, say you are feeling neglected and unloved by your partner, how does this make you feel. Heavy in the chest, nervous in the stomach, whatever the bodily response to this issue is where you store the negative programming.

3) In the air around you is forming the energy of your soul, the soul exists on the fifth dimension and thus is a higher vibrational frequency than the negative emotions that are in the body. Give permission for your soul to build in energy, do not worry if you cannot see it, it is about the body and not the mind. Take a deep breath and begin to breathe in the energy of your soul.

4) Breathe it into every cell of the body; especially breathe it into the places that hold the negativity. Allow the soul to see the experience with you. It is as if you are sharing the pain and suffering with your soul. Your soul will then clear the frequency for you. Stay in the focus of your body, breathe in more and more energy of the soul and allow your body to show you where to breathe in the energy.

5) You will notice the energy clearing when you find yourself heavily sighing, or crying or having any emotional reaction to the higher frequency. Allow the emotions to flow, allow the
soul to experience them all with you, allow your soul to guide the process, do not get stuck into mind thoughts, stay with the body and soul.

6) If you find yourself coming across a block, show the block to your soul and it will clear. Allow the process to proceed until you feel the negativity has cleared, the uncomfortable feeling has gone.

7) Then breathe in even more energy of your soul, this energy carries the information the truth of your soul. Breathe it into every single cell.

8) When you feel it is finished, thank your soul for working with you and allow any exchange of information that your soul may want to bring you. The information may come in words, pictures or simply a feeling, allow any form the communication comes. Breathe it in, into your cells and your d.n.a.

9) Bring yourself very slowly into the room, feel the chair beneath you, the clothes on your body and take a deep breathe and when you are ready open your eyes.

10) You can use this process to clear every issue that you may carry in your body, sometimes the soul will take you back into past lives and existences to clear patterns that you may have brought with you and are connected to the issue in your present life. So stay open.

You can use any higher energy that your body feels comfortable with; it could be an angel, a star being, an Extra-Terrestrial, Buddha, Christ, whatever you feel comfortable with. Just breathe it in as you did your soul. Make sure you are tuning into your body and what it wants and not what your head says.