Soul into Body

As you might have gathered, I am back from India. As you can imagine I had a real adventure. I learnt some hard lessons, and went through a very intense transformation. I got into my body! I have always been out of my body, as many of us light workers and star beings often are. It took a scary week in an Indian hospital bed, to finalise a process that has been going on since my birth. I got gastritis enteritis and was seriously ill but through this (what appeared a negative experience), I found a source of power that was buried within the atoms of my physical body, the very spark of life. For me it was an incredible experience, I was blown away with the body’s amazing ability to fight for its life.

Like I said I was not in my body, I was trying desperately to get in but no amount of acupuncture, hands on healing, light technician work and the such like, made the slightest difference. Some blamed me for my predicament, as if I had any control over the process. But no matter how hard I tried I could not get in. I always felt like I had come from a very long way away, and I had travelled for eons, and I was desperately trying to descend to earth in time for the party (transformation). It always felt like, I was not ascending but descending. I came from the Source directly, travelled through the highest dimensions, creating different forms as I went. Finally to anchor into the densest form, my human physical self. However when I finally landed on the earth, I still could not get into my body, it was as if the soul itself was unwilling. It took the possibility of death to make my soul curious enough to step inside.
Once inside everything and I mean – Everything changed!


Soul into Body.

Here is a little story from the soul’ s perspective, as it came down into my Human physical body.

“ I am a Spark of the Source, a fragment, a mirror reflection of the Godhead itself. I am nothing more than an abstract concept, a being that is unique in every detail, but is just the same as you. I am created from the Source and I separated from it, in order to begin a journey that has both a beginning and an end. The circle is broken, the path straightened.

Time and density, take me straight to my destination.

I moved into the flow of energy that was created in the first separation. I followed the path of those that went before me.

The Darkened Ones, the Fallen.

Lucifer navigated his way through the universe, dropping down through the many levels of density. I too would take this same path but I would not stumble and fall. No, I would open my angelic wings and use them to fly and navigate my way through the complex and diverse levels of density that made up the universe.

In my angelic form, I flew through star gates, and watched mighty stars in their rise and fall. Monitoring my progress through the vibration of their density, I merged my consciousness with the stars and planets that accompanied me on my journey. I dropped in frequency and my form began to show itself in the universe. I leap-frogged my way through time and space, using different forms, energies and expressions in order to not only manifest that which I was in the universe, but also to drop my energy down in vibration, to become heavier and more solid, to finally physically manifest in dimension. I navigated my way through a maze of complexity, weaving patterns of intention as I went. Dense manifestations appeared as if by magic, these were mere reactions to my presence. Through every transition, and through every entry into a denser reality, I was transformed in appearance. However inside “I” always remained the same.

Alien perspectives, I have a known quite a few, having chosen to express myself through such forms. I have been Insect Being in Alpha Rega, Reptilian Being in the dark waters of the Orion Delta. I have been individuated and raised upon high, I have also surrendered my conscious awareness to the We – The Zeta .I have known them all, over the wide expanse of this known universe, I have travelled in light awareness. I have morphed my form and expanded and encompassed all that I have encountered. I have assimilated all energies; I have fed off starlight. I created forms for myself, in varying densities to house my essence, as I descended in my journey. I did this in order to create a body that was dense enough to take me through the light, into the dark density of Earth’s vibration.

I have known Earth in different forms, Fairy, Dragon, Nature Spirit, and Elf. These forms were open to my energy and were excellent carriers of my essence. Closer and closer I came to the vibration of being Human. Never had I seen or experienced this energy called human, many other races of beings had told me of the school called Human. Was I brave enough to allow myself to lose my consciousness, as I passed through the last portal into the realms of Earth? Only time would tell.

So here I was facing my own creation, a Body – dense, solid, third dimensional, flesh, alive, real – a Human Being. A thin tube of astral light connected us both, but nothing more than that. I had little or no awareness of what this really was. I could see the intention and the patterns of light that wove themselves around this intention but nothing more. A concept, worn but not truly owned. I watched often undetected as this Child grew within the safety of the Mother’s womb. But even though I was often invited, I never choose to enter. I followed the Body as it birthed itself into the physical third dimensional Earth, as a Human Female being.

I watched as it took its first breath and I waited. For the next three days I tried over and over again to enter the Body but my vibration as a Soul and the vibration of the human body were not compatible and a friction occurred. There was a tremendous heat and I felt like I would fry. The density of the Earth and this Earth Body that it offered me, were so much more denser and heavier than I as a Soul could possibly imagine. I could not enter, I would not enter. A fight began.

Scared and over whelmed, I left the child whooping and coughing trying to get air and life into its lungs. I looked back in horror as the body gasped for its life. Maybe it was better if I left it alone. Even when they placed the baby far from its mother in a little plastic box, which seemed to breathe for it, I could still not enter. It did not seem to need or notice me; it was too overwhelmed with the painful feelings of loss and panic, as it had been taken from its mother, strange the biological connections between such forms. Confused and bewildered I came to the conclusion that she was better off without me. Little did I know how this would add to the feelings of abandonment that she already felt in her separation. Over the years as she grew, I visited her often in one of my many guises. In dreams and daydreams I was Fairy, whispering secrets into her ears, hoping within play, that we could open up the body and jump right in. Or later, I visited her in her mind, in ships of light, in alien forms, opening her mind to who she was as a soul. But no matter how I tried I could not stay within the Body. I missed the form and the form missed me. A dilemma that was for sure!

There were moments when she had some way or another, opened her consciousness that I could slip inside. But she always had a strange reaction, she would cry, such long and painful tears, I could not listen. I was always a bit averse to emotional pain; I guess I spent too much time, being an un-emotional Zeta. I guess I reminded her of the separation. The separation, from me as her soul, but also the pain of being separated from the Source. When I came close to her, it broke her human heart. What was I to do, the Body did not like me, and she saw me as the carrier of a memory of loss and pain. I manifested through all of my human expression on the Earth, taking over its mind and personality completely, we were complete. But the body, the physical expression would not allow me in. Why because I was crazy by now, I had become locked here on Earth through my fascination with the struggle with this form, this was my challenge, I would not give in to it. Yet there were times when I was so entrapped in the confusion that was upon the earth, that I wanted to leave this form and allow it its death and return myself to the light.

So with one eye on my body, and one eye on the heavens, I was split. I was so confused .If the earth plane was only one of pain, then why not give up, die and become free from the pain. I saw how the body coped with the stress and the loss of love. I saw how it built up toxic levels of emotions within itself in order to feel safe, which it rarely did. Why because without the love of the soul, no-body can truly survive. I know that now!

Even in my magnificence as a soul, an aspect of God itself, I was ignorant. I turned my back on the Body and fascinated myself with the mind and emotions; in these realms I could have control. I learnt to ignore its pleas, its cries for attention. I gave it things to numb it, bad food, coffee etc. anything to shut it up. You see by now I was not acting like a very highly evolved soul. I had been floating around vaguely connected to my physical body and its environment, always with the intention to get out of here. I had no connection with Earth, this Body and thought it futile to be here at all. But the fascination with this wishing to leave only did the opposite; it pulled me closer and closer to the Earth plane. That was when my Body gave me as Soul – a choice. It said in its very weak and feeble voice that could hardly be heard above the emotions, “Soul, if you want to leave then the only way for this to happen, is for me to die, I wish to stop being.” The Body loved me so much, that it was willing to die in order to release me.

Body, was lying in a hospital bed, now it was connected not to me along a tube but connected to an intravenous drip. I hovered above watching. “What you doing Body.” I asked it. “ I am dying,” said my Body. “ What do you mean dying, you cannot die, and death is an illusion. ” I said. “ Yes I can, watch me.,” said Body. As it said this several nurses came running into the room and fussed around the bed like chickens. Body just lay there, and I watched. I was fascinated by this. Death was an illusion, everyone knew that, yet here was Body doing something strange, it did look kind of skinny and pale, maybe it could die, but no surely not. “ How are you doing that?” I said, moving closer to the Body, so I could hear its little voice. I was beginning to be fascinated with the Body, now that it was attempting something that should be impossible. It was going to die. I wanted a closer look. I was fascinated, I was hooked. “ Come inside, you cannot see it from out there.” said my Body.

Some would say I was fooled into this, but I deserved it, I had lost my way and needed to be taken in hand by someone, who better than my very own Body. I stepped inside, and what I found there was pain. This was intense, it held my fascination and through this I found my way to anchor in the Body. The pain that lies between the struggle for death and life in the physical Body is the most incredible thing, I had ever experienced in my existence as a soul. This is what made me choose to stay. I then watched with amazement as I settled down into my physical form and felt the choice to live flow through me. I watched in awe as my Body endured the pain, like an incredible warrior and fought for its life. Wow, the fight for life, what an incredible power, I had no idea. If I had known this before I would have entered my Body so much sooner.”

Love Soul.

Are you in your Body?

“ Of course I am,” is your first reaction, “ where else could I be.” In truth not many of us are. We do not perceive ourselves to be out of our bodies, because many of us have never felt what it is like, to be in the Body in the first place. Many of us confess to be ungrounded, airy and bit out of it .We are the ones that ARE aware, that we are out of our bodies. Some of us are trying to get back in. But there are many of you that have no awareness that you are NOT in your body. Just because you think that you have a rational hold on reality (or what you consider to be reality), does not necessarily mean that you are in your body completely. You are in your head! To be in your head does not mean you are in your body.

There are many different kinds of light workers, on the planet in human bodies at this time. Some of them are not human in their souls, many of them are alien. I call these light workers, Hybrids. Are you one of these kinds of humans? I would say yes, lets just trust that if you are reading this, then you are an alien/ human hybrid. Now where in the descension process you are, makes no difference, there will come a time when you will have to gather to yourself all your multi-dimensional aspects to make them as One. You will integrate these aspects within your energetic body (or if you like your soul body), and then step that into the Human Body and anchor all that you are on the other levels, here into your physical form.

Let me explain it another way so you definitely understand. Alien / Human Hybrids are souls that have experienced themselves as different types of beings some and many of which are Alien. These Hybrids took on the mission to gather to themselves all the aspects that they had ever been (and were likely to be), together in energy as one. They took all the different patterns that they were as a soul and created a beautiful tapestry in energy to represent themselves. This they then carefully inserted into the energetic body, which was very fragilely connected to the physical Human. The integration process took some time, as there were often many blocks in the energetic body that needed addressing, before there was a clear pathway for the integration of each and every aspect. These aspects were varied and numerous. Lizard energy from the Orion Delta, Dragon consciousness from deep within the distance planets. Zeta, Antari, and Pleiadian to name just a few. All were carefully and sometimes precariously inserted into the pattern of the energetic body. A merging, a blending occurred and within this energetic form, a new hybrid being could be seen.Now came the mission to get this hybrid self into the physical body. Not all of you were consciously aware that you were a Hybrid, yet you were very aware that you were having a strange time. Some of you thought you were going mad. As the Hybrid self first came close to the earth and your physical self it encountered your Mind first, mainly unconsciously, affecting you only in dreams. Then as it descended further you began to become consciously aware, this often was very disturbing and a little frightening, I guess you thought you really had lost it. Then came the emotions, the memories, the pain of remembering, the feelings of isolation and homesickness. One level after another was healed. You all had your own and different ways of achieving this and some thought they had found the only way. This did not matter, we had all come to the same point on the ladder of descension. We all hovered above our bodies and looked down, “ now what? ”

Then there was a pause, a momentary interlude. For a moment we really thought we had finished the mission. But we still had a really long way to go. We were still symbolically hovering above our physical forms and the Earth, wondering how we would get down into our biological bodies. We are all in different stages of the descention, it does not matter where anyone is in the process, and the planet and the rest of us are going nowhere until we all get here. The planet is calling you and sooner or later you will come closer enough to be caught by the magnetic pull of the earth. Some of you may not like this as it does bring restrictions and limits, after all you cannot fly away anymore.

You will be brought down into denser realms; these can have strange affects on the body. You may experience odd and strange physical symptoms and illnesses. Food allergies, intolerances to things that were before no problem, these will all of a sudden no longer be tolerated by the body. This is a direct reaction on the behalf of the body to the integration of the alien soul. . After all from the body’s perspective it is being invaded by what amounts to be, an alien invader. The biological body is of the Earth, it is animal, vegetable, mineral and water, it is not used to having what it considers to be foreign, an alien inside it. It can react in many different ways, some bodies get food allergies, one minute they are fine and the next they are having strange reactions to certain foods. Wheat, diary products and sugar seem to be the favourites. The body can react in many different ways, skin complaints, stomach and bowel problems, eye and ear problems and extreme weight gain or loss. It will get your attention no matter what, and it will shout at you “ Oh my god, did you know you have an alien living inside us. –Help! ”. You see, as much as people would like to think they have their soul in their bodies, they in fact do not. Some people are fortunate to have some aspects of the soul in the cells of the body, but no one has all of their multi dimensional consciousness inside the biological cellular entity, we call body. This is yet to come. I told you we had a lot further to go. You are no further in your transformation, even if your mind and your emotional body knows who you are, as your multidimensional self, when your physical body is still thinking “ Multidimensional who? “

Many new illnesses and discomforts, are the body’s only way of getting your attention, to alert you to the fact you are possessed by an alien, or that is how the body sees it. For some their soul brings with it strange eating habits, eating things that are unusual, or in large quantities. Do not think you cannot eat these things, for they are aiding the body in its assimilation of these alien energies. Seaweed and dark green vegetables seem to help the body when it is going through the assimilation of the Zeta energy, in particular. Refraining from drinking water seems to help the body as the zeta energy comes in. It is something to do with the electricity of the Zeta frequency and water do not mix well in the body. When I was going through my Zeta assimilation, I did not drink water for six months. Now I am not saying everyone should stop drinking water, heaven above – no. What I am saying is, you may find yourself refraining from certain things and needing others. Do not under any circumstance bring your mind and what it thinks it knows about diet, into the equation. There is no better teacher of diet than your own body. It is time now to listen. Do not listen to other people’s opinions about what is healthy and what is not. If your intuition is good enough you will know exactly what to eat and when and just allow yourself to eat what your body demands. Or you may not want to eat at all; there will be times when you will not need food. This is usually when you are assimilating the high dimensional level selves. The density of food and the earth plane sets up a friction between the incoming soul aspect and the body. The soul and the body literally fry as they come into contact. This can produce many of the skin complaints you are experiencing. Heat rushes and cold sweats are also very common at this time. High angelic energies can make the body cold and shaky as they come into and anchor into the cells. Headaches, pulsing in the eyes, strange feelings in the nape of the neck, all this and more are direct symptoms of the assimilation of the multidimensional self into the physical body.

This will take time, as much time as you will need after all this has never been done before. Many of you have been on earth before but often in other forms that were not human. As you bring your awareness down into the earthy realms you will discover, your earthy selves, such as fairy, dragon, crystal being etc. These earthy selves are already in the body, they do not need to be assimilated as they are already expressed in the human d.n.a. As you as soul come down into the cells of the body you will trigger the energy of your fairy, dragon and crystal self. What more adventure, you say, more to learn? Yes we have only just begun. These different earth selves will guide you closer and closer to your physical body. They will also be a translator between you as soul and your body, the realm of the Earth Mother. Your body will show you memories and secrets that will come from the bones themselves. Take courage to step in, after all the secrets of both life and death are held within the cells. To be with the body is to be held in the loving arms of the Goddess. She awaits you.

The activation of Star codes in the d.n.a.

On all the dimensions in the universe you, as your soul have an expression. That is to say that you are multi-dimensional. Imagine if each one of your dimensional selves expressed itself, as a ray of coloured light. Then imagine that all your multi-dimensional aspects came together as one and thus created a beautiful and unique pattern of coloured light. The pattern would be very complicated and multi-dimensional in itself. It would be made up of intricate patterns of light, colour, sound and energy. If you looked closely, you would see that there were patterns within patterns.

These patterns are the Star codes. Your physical body is a pattern too, the overall purpose to activate star codes is to allow the energy of the multi-dimensional self, to not only anchor into the pattern which is your physical body but also the pattern which is the planetary consciousness- Gaia. There are several stages to the activation of the star codes. During the first phase of the activation of the Star codes, geometric alignments occur, that aligns the bodily pattern with the overall pattern, that you are, – as your multi-dimensional self. An alignment between the divine blueprint of your multi-dimensional self and the blueprint, which is the physical human form, occurs. The Divine blueprint is held already in the body (in miniature if you like), it lies at the base of the spine. This divine pattern holds a lot of information about who are on the other levels and up to now has lay dormant in many people’s bodies. However with planetary transits and energy fluctuations coming from the planet she, we have moved into a new phase of star code activation. This matrix pattern that lies at the base of the spine holds genetic time codes that can give us the possibility to access past, present and future timelines. We then have the possibility to access and heal past lives, and work to bring in positive future energies into our lives in the here and now. As we move through the time lines in our consciousness, we will begin to loosen our fixed hold on the concepts of time. Time will begin to bend and warp and synchronicity will occur more and more.

As this star code is activated in the body, it awakens the next star code in the pineal gland and this in turn will activate the coming together of the d.n.a strands to make up the twelve-d.n.a template that opens the doorway to the twelve dimensions. This is the main work of the Zeta, they have been aiding those of us who are Zeta in our soul, to waken and activate the star code in the pineal gland. This is where we activate the dormant d.n.a, our complete genetic blueprint. The pineal gland is a photosensitive organ and an important timekeeper for the human body, as it affects our life rhythms and sleep patterns. Within the pineal gland is a master cell, which in its nucleus has twenty-three pairs of chromosomes. Around this cell’s nucleus, is the energy source of the cell known as the mitochondria. It also has its own d.n.a/chromosomes. Every cell in the body has this configuration as well. The Zeta have been using sound frequencies especially in techno music, to help and assist the Zeta / Human Hybrids on the planet, as they go through this star code activation. The Zeta say that all Zeta / Human Hybrids on the planet have now fully activated their pineal gland star codes. This part of the mission is complete. Thank goodness for that, no more headaches, no more pulsing eyes and flashing lights, and strange high pitched sounds!

Many are already at this stage and are wondering when they are going to notice some major changes in your everyday awareness. The reason there is still not the access to the twelve dimensions, is that we here on the earth are locked in the Net. The Net (or some like to call the Matrix, after seeing the film of the same title) is an illusionary holographic reality inserted matrix. It was placed here thousands of years ago by a group of Extra-Terrestrial beings called the Annunaki. (There is a lot of information on the internet about these beings, just put in a search and see) We cannot fully access the potential of the d.n.a communication system, whilst our cellular memory is held in the Net/Matrix. The Net/Matrix is a giant web of ideas, created from artificial programs. These ideas tell us what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad, what is accepted and what is not. If we want to have full access to the d.n.a, then we have to remove the distorted codes of the Net/Matrix from our d.n.a. The distorted codes set up an interference patterning that had to be neutralized. The pattern had to have some modification before it was in true alignment with and was a true mirror image of the multi-dimensional divine pattern. This was the job of many races of beings. The Zeta worked predominately on the two hemispheres of the brain, creating the rainbow bridge that connected the two ways of brain functions together, to create a third- a multi-dimensional awareness. The Antari with their high-pitched sound blasted the pattern, which in turn opened the divine blueprint in every cell of the body. They then went on to very carefully operate upon your light body, until the divine blueprint of the multi-dimensional self and the pattern that was the bodily pattern were in alignment. The Angels held the sometimes-scared human awareness in love and peace, whilst the operations occurred. The Zeta would now, like everyone to know that these kinds of operations are no longer necessary and we have indeed moved on to the next stage of activation.

The second phase of activation was through the interlocking of triangles that make up the main frame of the divine blueprint. These triangles interlocked, to form the Star of David. On November 8, 2003 we entered into the astrological alignment of the Harmonic Concordance, where six planets took the form of the Star of David. During this time a geometric formation of a star- tetrahedron was formed. This aligned with the meridian lines (which make up the pattern or blueprint of the physical human body) to the star systems in the heavens. As above so below. We can connect so much more easily with all the different energies that inhabit the star systems now. We are moving our consciousness out further from the planet and will being to access beings from much more distant stars, as we open more and more.

The map of the body is mathematical and many of us are using healing methods that are based in the use of sound and sacred geometry to aid us in our process. Universal Mandalas convey a general sensory message to the intelligence of the d.n.a prompting it to activate. Universal Mandalas and symbols are ways of conveying the message of the sacred relationship between the multi-dimensional self and the body’s d.n.a. Universal mandalas are a compact representation of the universe made available to all humans, regardless of their culture. This is a global language of archetypal symbolism and thus transcends all matrix programs. Personal Mandalas are designed to be the representation of an individual’s primary hologram, or divine blueprint. The spiritual frequency matrix is pre-encoded and guides your journey into your earthly body.

This transformation of the d.n.a may adversely affect the body, make sure you take plenty of exercise and drink plenty of clean water. When the body is integrating high dimensional levels it can have a hard time, if not given the things that aid it in its process. You are asking a lot of your body to go through such profound and vibrational changes without love and support. You will intuitively know what your body needs, whilst it goes through this process. Symptoms that you may experience are vibrations that seem to come from the bones, and teeth. This occurs when the star codes are fired in the d.n.a, it is as if you are vibrating from right inside your bones. This usually happens first thing in the morning, when you are still half in the dream state and half awake. Usually as you awaken completely, this stops. Other symptoms are being icy cold. You will not be able to get warm as the cold is coming from within you, no matter how long you stand next to the fire you will not get warm, as the cold is being radiated from the bones of your body. There will be energy rushes or shivers, which will go up and down the spine; sometimes you will feel like your hair is standing on end. These symptoms come and go and should not be a constant occurrence. Water is the best medicine for all of these symptoms, as it helps conduct the energy (that is released when the codes fire), through the body rather than frying it from inside the d.n.a.

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