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You are the Universal Dreamer expressing itself at a single point

Alloya Ye Ra har

Here perhaps you will find some of the answers you seek. Prepare for an exciting journey into your multidimensional self and discover the true nature of your reality. I Alloya have been working as an Intuitive Empath Reader for over 30 years. I work with High Dimensional beings and Energies to assist your Soul in bringing forward the information you need from your ancient archaic Soul Records. 

I provide readings to cover all the topics of interest to a Starseed. Let me open you up to your divinity, as you are a gift from the Universe. Allow me to assist you in your spiritual path and help you overcome issues and problems that stand in the way of you becoming the best version of yourself.

Check out the many readings that I provide and if you do not find exactly what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact me and I would be happy to tailor a reading just for you.

Generally there is a 10 week waiting list for appointments. 

I AM FULLY BOOKED UNTIL THE middle of |October 2022 

On purchase of your reading, I will contact you via email with the date you will receive your reading. I will give you an exact date of delivery. You will receive a written reading in PDF format on the afternoon of the day of your booking. 

Featured Reading


Ever wondered where you came from before you entered the earth plane. Well here is your chance. I, Alloya offer a detailed channelled reading that will give you information about where you existed in the universe and what kind of expression or form you have taken. Ever looked at the stars and felt homesick like your home world is somewhere else?
Ever felt out of place here in 3D earth like you are used to a place which is higher in vibration?
Ever felt really lonely and unable to really understand the complexities of humans?
I with my many guides will answer your questions and guide you on a journey of discovery in the stars.


Point of

Origin Reading
£ 70


Guidance Reading
£ 100


General Reading
£ 70

General Faq

Details of Readings

What photograph do I need to send you Alloya?

It does not have to be a fancy photograph just clear and recent, preferably where I can see your eyes, it helps me read your Soul better, after all they say "the eyes are the windows to the Soul"

When & How will I receive the reading?

I will give you an exact delivery date for your reading and send this and your reading as a PDF file via the email address you used for purchasing the Reading. There is a two week waiting list. You will recieve the reading on the afternoon of your delivery date.

Do you talk on the phone for the Reading?

No- I request your information ( please see individual Reading pages for details) & photograph and on the day I simply tune into you and write up the Reading and send it later once complete. We can chat about the Reading before and after the Reading via email if you wish. You do not need to tune into me on the day of your Reading, you can go about your day.

How much information do you need for the Readings?

You can send as little or as much information as you like. Please keep on topic. Please take your time and send the information needed in one email. I will read your information thoroughly and if I do not understand anything I will ask for clarity. I will keep your information on record until the day of your appointment.

How long do I get support after the Reading?

Within reason I am open to communicate with you about your Reading in follow up emails.

Is there an alternative payment method if I do not want to use paypal?

Yes- you simply email me at and I will send my bank account details so you can do a bank transfer instead.

Customers reviews

What people say?

A had a point of origin reading from Alloya , she tracked my origins back to the Pleiades. WIth her help I was able to get in touch with such a beautiful soft and gentle part of my heart I am so grateful.
Amanda Lee
It is like Alloya looked into the very depths of my being and pulled out the information that I needed to know, to be able to understand the karmic energies which were between myself and my partner. With Alloya's help we were able to heal and move on.
Zach Browns