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I have been reading tarot for many years it is only now I am providing it as a reading service on line. As well as using the tarot I will also bring through information from spirit. I will use the traditional tarot as well as many oracle decks.

You will be asked to submit a photograph of yourself and anyone else that you may want to include in your reading.

There is only one subject to be covered per reading please keep your questions on topic.

Please send me no more than 5 questions all on the same subject.

On the day of your booking I will simply tune into you and I will read your tarot cards on the subject that you have requested answering the questions as they arise. I will then write this tarot reading up and I will send it as a PDF file, via your e-mail address once it is complete.



Allow Alloya to read your Soul records providing for you important information about your Soul and its many expressions  in the universe and upon the various dimensions. Find out which stars and systems are recorded as a magnetic signature within your Soul body, and how to work and integrate their energies to further yourself along the path of Soul integration.  I will read your Soul records to help further you along your spiritual  transformation. I will introduce you to an aspect of yourself which exists on another dimension within our universe. This aspect or Soul self, will provide information and wisdom which will be a trigger or catalyst for your spiritual development. Within this reading I will also provide any advice or instruction which comes from the wisdom of the Soul.



Have you ever wondered why you choose the relationships that you find yourself in? Have you wondered about the connection you have to the people in your life? Is the significant other in your life, your Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or Karmic Partner? I will give you an in-depth analysis of your relationships. I am able to look into the Akashic Records and read the stories that connect you together. I will look at challenges that may come in the relationship and give you guidance on how to get through these challenging times. This reading is not just for romantic relationships, it is for all kinds of relationships, daughter, mother, father, son or lover. If you are interested in this reading, please send a recent photograph of both you and the person you are in a relationship with.



Do you have an issue that has been with you for some time and you have been unable to shift and heal? Are you at a dead-end in your understanding of this issue? Do you want a fresh perspective? I can work in depth with you around your issue, to look for its source both in this lifetime and past lives both on and off-world. I will help you root out the core energy supporting this issue. I will look for the effect of this issue in all your bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Together we will explore the issue and find the correct and appropriate healing modality to use to address the issue. I will provide you with concrete solutions to your issue. If you are interested in this reading please be prepared to open up to me and discuss the issue in full.



Ever wondered what your power animal is for this time. Ever wondered who your friends and allies are, in the natural world? I can read your energetic body and also the energies surrounding you. I can see animal allies and nature spirits around your body which may not be known. Through a guided reading, I will read which animals, nature spirits, plant allies, and crystal beings are your allies, who wish to be known, so you can open up to them and begin working with them to gain support along your spiritual path. 



Within this reading I will provide for you the opportunity to ask a series of questions which will be answered by myself, Alloya and I will be also inspired by tuning into your soul and any guides which are connected to you, in order to answer these questions. This reading is NOT for those who want answers to questions such as: where is my ideal partner, or what is my mission/career, or how do I earn money? There are plenty of psychic readers on the internet for such answers. This reading is for those who want deeper answers to the questions which come from the heart and soul. Maybe you need information about an experience you have had, or maybe you need to understand more about a past life, or soul aspect and its existence. Maybe your questions are deeply personal or more of a collective nature. I am happy to answer them for you if I can. Please only send questions for one topic so we can really focus deeply on the answers. 



Currently not available

I am thinking of offering coaching to those who are serious about their self development, spiritual, soul seeking path. Each coaching package will be designed and tailored uniquely for you and your needs. The coaching will begin with a detailed and thorough diagnosis Reading, during which a plan of further coaching sessions will be set out and then later discussed with the client. Healing sessions, readings and email correspondence will be included into this coaching package. There will be limited places only for this. Please see the information below for the types of readings that I do to give you an idea of my work. I currently do not know how I will set this up for bookings so please check back in the near future for updates.


Booking Process


When you have made your automated booking (link below) you will first receive an automated receipt of your appointment. You will then have one week to complete the appointment application form and send this with your photographs to  I had to do it this way because many were booking appointments and then not sending their information in time. Please complete the form and copy it into an email and send this, with your photographs.



Full name of person(s) having the reading :

NB* if you are requesting the reading for someone else please make that clear. 

Email Address: ( if the payment is paid using a different email address please inform me here. ) 

Have you had a previous reading? : yes or no

Please let me know if you have had a reading with me before and if so which one and when it was. 

A paragraph about yourself,(this allows me to tune into you better. If you are requesting a relationship reading please write about your partner too). 

Please write a paragraph about yourself and what has brought you to this reading. What is going on for you spiritually, what would you like to know from your soul to further you along your path. Is there anything important you feel I need to know about yourself, your life and your spiritual journey so far? Maybe there are things from your past that need to be addressed. Childhood issues, past relationship issues, spiritual or psychic disturbances, and experiences. Really open up and share with me what you intuitively feel I need to know to do your reading. It is your opportunity to begin what is actually an important step in opening up to your soul’s information. 

If you would like to send me more information, then please do so. I will send a receipt of the receiving of your information, however I will not read it until the day of your session. You are more than welcome to send me as much information about yourself as you like, I will keep it on file until the day of your appointment. 

On the day of your appointment, I will read all the information in your file. I will not read this information until your appointment, to enable me to have a clear headspace in which to do your reading. I previously read the information at the moment of booking however, I have since found that because of an increase in clients, I have had to rearrange the way I work to prevent confusion. 

I will send your reading later on the day of booking as a PDF file via email. You will receive a small amount of follow up email correspondence to clarify anything within the reading not understood. 

All payments are taken via Paypal via a credit or debit card however if you prefer you can request bank account details by emailing me at All payments are in English pounds however PayPal will convert it into your currency. If there are any problems with payment,  please let me know. 

If you cannot find the type of reading you need please contact me and we can discuss and arrange a reading designed around your needs. 

Many Thanks. 



The books, healings and readings from Alloya have changed my life. She has given clear words to the vague feelings I had about the history of the Cosmos and my role in this multidimensional play. It’s good to know there is at least one person out there who still remembers what life is about and can bring me back to the essence.”

Tijn Touber, Amsterdam

All of my life change when I discovered Alloya. I don’t have enough words to explain my respect for her and her readings, so deep, so high, so to the point. I can only express my Gratefulness for all her support and help when I went through many processes. I’m so happy now!
And there is so much more. Her work is so great and so important for humankind. I hope that you find her. Your life will be changed.

Ingrid Baisier

All Readings are £70 each



The prices for the Intuitive Guidance Coaching is yet to be decided.

When you click on the book now button you will be taken to an introduction page and then on to a page with the various different healing sessions and soul readings are available. Please choice one. You will be taken to a calendar. You book the entire day for yourself as I only do one session per day. You will then be taken through steps to make a payment via paypal. If you have any difficulties with this system please email me at