I, Alloya tune into the light body emanations of your soul and read the geometric patterning contained within to access the star records, the life history of your Soul. I structure the readings through intuition, wisdom and guidance from many levels of consciousness and various guides who support this process. I work with your soul to bring forward the information and guidance you need at this time. Through guidance and instruction, I am able to support you along your spiritual path of awakening.

You are a being of light from the stars and you are waking up to your magnificence allow me to assist and guide you encouraging the contact of many levels of consciousness within your overall multidimensional being. Let me assist and coach you as you go through your soul integration and bring yourself fully here.

I, Alloya provide many different readings to suit your needs. You will receive your reading on the day of your booking as a written reading as a PDF format via email. If you do not find what you are looking for in the descriptions of the various readings provided do not hesitate to contact me via email to request a tailored reading for your needs, I will be happy to discuss this with you.

For my clients who have already received a soul journey reading but want more please follow the link to the other star seed readings.

Please take note of this; I will only cover the topics covered in the description of the reading. If I feel you have booked the wrong reading after receiving your information and correspondence then I will contact you and we can rearrange the correct reading for you.

      General Readings- £70

       Starseed Readings- £80/£100

  • Point of Origin Reading – where do you come from in the stars?
  • Starseed Reading– for those who already know where they come from but what a deeper understanding of their place in the cosmos
  •  Soul Guidance Reading £100 For those who want to tailor a reading around their personal needs. Opening reading to Starseed coaching (more details to follow).

       Intuitive Tarot & Oracle 

All readings are written and sent as PDf files via email on the afternoon of the day of your booking.