Dear Starseed

I know you are weary; you are weary of walking your path, for your journey has been long and arduous. It seems that those mountains have been for ever climbing into the distance. Take comfort in knowing that you are very slowly making your way forward. For many of you have been here upon this Earth plane for many turns of the incarnation cycles. You have lived many lives through many aeons of time watching civilisations rising and falling. As the waves of truth begin to affect your Earth reality, you will begin to feel the eternal nature of your soul. You will come to realise that you have lived many lives already, many of which you gained great wisdom and strength. Even though your memory has faded your heart knows the truth of your identity and your past. You have been upon a never-ending story of living one life after another all accumulating in this here and now.

Gently move your awareness from the external world to a world of light within your heart. Allow each breath to heal you as you drift to a place beyond time. Eternity exist within you forever sparking like a Diamond. You are, in essence, the shining star forever transforming to an ever greater light breathe deep my beloved, and know who you are and who you have been before in lives lived in the past.

Create a sacred space in which you can be alone and in deep meditation. Create a sacred space both within and without. Take yourself deep within and visualise a Temple of light, this Temple is a representation of your soul. Within this Temple there are soul records of light, which you can read to gain memory of your past lives, and your ancestral lineage. In the centre of your being you know the source of yourself, by taking yourself to this inner Temple and reading your soul records of light, you are enabling a new process to begin to manifest into your spiritual life and path. As the waves of truth hit your Earth plane, it is calling all Starseeds to begin a particular part of their spiritual mission. Each star seed has been born into a particular family tree, to bring healing to a distortion that is running through the DNA of that family. All starseeds are being asked to look within to find the distortions of their family line, and heal the distortions from their own energetic body. Within this healing a Starseed will also clear the distortion within the DNA, within the family tree and lineage, and thus this healing will move back in time, affecting all those that at were distorted before us.

Many of you star seeds will begin to have past life memories that will come up in your daily meditations, and your nightly dreams. These past life memories are also the memories of your ancestors, and this information is coming from your DNA your family tree. Be creative with this information, write about it, sing about it, draw or act out these past lives in some creative endeavour. By allowing this cathartic emotional release of this memory in this creative way, you will bring healing to your family tree.

Look for patterns that you have brought from one lifetime to another and heal them from the Now and they will affect your past as time is not linear. You are being given an opportunity to do something different with your life this time around, it is time to release yourselves from your karmic and ancestral baggage and move forward with your DNA ringing in synergy with the earth as she ascends herself back to the light.

Love Spirit