Message 3

Dear Starseed

If the truth be known your as wise as an owl. Your soul is full of knowledge and wisdom its records are vast yet you hide behind the mask you wear to comply with society and those around you, you hide your wisdom and your knowledge for fear of being ridiculed or denied. You have to learn to change your consciousness, to imprison your self-expression in order to fit in. This human world can be difficult for a sensitive soul such as yourself, you have learned through the hard knocks of your childhood, that to walk around in free expression is a dangerous thing to do. You have been editing yourself for other people for as long as you can remember. Over analysing, criticism and cynicism, these are learnt in your adult years these qualities are not natural to your being.  You often find yourself in superficial communication with others, as if it is pre-programmed. You feel the hollowness of such conversations, as you are operating from the mask not your true authentic self. As the world begins to change and so does the consciousness of humanity you will find the difference between the authentic self and its wisdom, and the false self of mask will become great indeed.

In the beginning you had such hope for yourself but as the years rolled by, it has become more and more difficult to hold these higher levels of hope. Can you remember how much hope, enthusiasm and imagination for your future you had when you were a young child? It is time to exercise your imagination and get back in touch with your magical inner child that was so full of hope, inspiration, and dreams of abundance for the future. You thought you could be anything or anybody, you could dream the impossible dream, and it was only when you grew up and developed cynicism, that you lost the ability to create your own reality.

A great plan is unfolding for your soul and for those souls around you. You can feel it deep inside your bones something is occurring even though you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. Now is the time for you to go within yourself and to be watchful of humanity as a whole as it rises and falls through the challenges of our times. It is a challenge for you now to be independent both in thought and in an opinion for; there are many influences around you that could pull you off your path at this time. Now is the time to be watchful and intelligent. Do not be pulled off your path by the lies of other people around you, who are still sleeping deep in the matrix. Instead go within yourself and find that knowledge that can only be reached through a meditation, silence, and watchfulness. Observe those people around you as they go through their awakening and see your own processes reflected in their experiences. Do not try to live their experience for them, but rather rejoice in their uniqueness.

There are many things that you know deep within your soul secrets that will be revealed to you in the coming months in your meditation, dreams, and daydreams. Secrets of our history, both of your soul and of the Earth plane itself. It is necessary for you to be shrewd and careful as there are many dark forces that have been placed in your pathway to test your resolve. This is why it’s so important to get back in touch with magical child who has that compass, who knows the way. It is also very wise to conserve your energy to be silent, to withhold your energy from others to take your energy out of dynamic dramas that are playing around you.

Even though it can seem like you are living in dark times at this moment do not forget that the only way to escape the matrix is to find your inner child through play. Surrender and trust that your magical inner child using its vast imagination will find a way out of the labyrinth.

Love Spirit