Dear starseed

You have so many strengths and yet you allow others to take away your power. When your words are dismissed, when your actions are mocked, your light fades because you don’t stand up for the belief you have in self. In a world of opinions, it is often your opinion which is simply not heard. You have a wisdom and knowledge that you have brought with you through the ages and incarnations which can only be shared with the world if you are confident in the sharing of your opinion. Your opinion and your beliefs are just as valid as another’s. Yet in society you often find that you’re given no space for the sharing of your opinion or wisdom. You seem to gather around you those who like to talk a lot yet say very little. As a star seed you are often quiet and gently spoken, as you speak words of love and kindness from the heart. However in the noise of the modern world your voice is often drowned out by those who like the sound of their own voices. In the language of the ego you remain silent.

Let the quiet voice of the Anima speak your wisdom. Through your innate abilities of intuition you can access your soul records, and the wisdom and blessings of your nature. Through speaking words of the heart you allow your anima to bring forward wisdom of the ages. Your power lies in your intuition and psychic abilities which are often mocked by those of ignorance. By sitting quietly with your intuition, you are granted great blessings from spirit, for you are no stranger to working with this inner feminine guide. You have dedicated yourself to the goddess in past lives. Cast your mind back and remember those times when you sat for many hours in silence gazing at the flame. Passing into trance, you became an oracle of wisdom, a means of sharing the bounty of the Goddess.

It is time to become the author and write the script of your divine life. For many of you have access to great wisdom that can only be brought and manifested into this world if you take the time to put pen to paper. We live in a world where words are powerful; the pen is mightier than the sword. The written word is a spell which helps you manifest that which you desire into the matrix. It is time to write your wisdom and your opinion, to share it with the world in a way that will change the matrix and manifest New Earth.

You are a wise one, you are a sage, and you are an Oracle. You could be a great teacher to your peers. Take up your spiritual journal and begin to make notes of your life experience both within this realm and in others. It is time to share your knowledge of your life experiences through the taking of notes of your insights and your observations. It is time to look both within and without and bring forward written knowledge that you can share with the world. You are drawing many teachers towards you, not necessarily to be taught by any, but simply there to mirror your inner sage. These teachers will keep manifesting in your reality until you recognise yourself. When you realise that they are only mirroring to you your innate wisdom, you will feel empowered enough to stand in the truth of who you are, and to share your opinion in a clear and strong voice. For there will be people who are simply waiting to hear your words to trigger the next phase of their spiritual journey.

It is time to speak your truth, it is time to open yourself up and allow your soul to put words into your mouth. It is time to speak words of resonance, words of power and words of truth, for it is these which will act as magic talisman to change this world in which you live. You are entering a new phase of your spiritual journey which is very much about the empowerment of self, the speaking of truth and the manifestation of new Earth. It is through the shining of your inner light out into the world in the form of knowledge and wisdom which will bring about a great change to this reality. Allow your heart and your emotions to become involved in a mission of greatness, a mission that you contracted to do many thousands of light years ago. Shine from within; let those around you see the brilliance of your intuitive intelligence. You are divinely guided and protected as you speak your words of truth. There are many divine beings from higher dimensions that are around you supporting and protecting you as you speak words of transformation.

Love Spirit