Dear Starseed

Energy needs to flow like water, your inability to move dams up your soul expression and wounds the heart of your inner child. It is time now to push off from the water’s edge, to allow the flow of the river to direct you through your life. For there is an unseen guide who resides within you which can be activated and enabled as you learn to trust in your new direction. The Human ego always wants to direct its own path; getting caught up in indecision it is easy to get lost. Relax and surrender to the energy of your own intuition and soul, and plug yourself back into the wisdom of the source. Allow spirit to bring you signs and messages into your reality to give you prompts and clues to direct you along your path. Be observant and aware and do not flippantly right off the signs as being creations of the imagination, for it is through these signs spirit communicates with you and brings you back into alignment with your true path.

When you are flowing with your intuition, right actions arise at the right time. For all is in perfect divine timing if only you would allow. In moments of inaction when nothing is rising take time to rest with Gaia inside of the Earth. Once rested just like a wellspring rising up from a crack within the rocks, your right action, your inspiration, your forward movement will arise naturally from the wellspring of your being. It is time to trust in this process and to trust yourself for the clear path will be shown to you. Now it is time to rest for there will be time of action once again.

You are tired Starseed on a level that you do not even recognise, for you are an ancient being having lived lifetime upon lifetime in many existences in many dimensions, having ventured far from source. You yearn and long for the energies of love from higher dimensions , and in this longing you are often brought to fatigue to a deep spiritual tiredness which no night’s sleep could cure. So put on your pyjamas and venture deep inside the earth and nestle with the roots of the trees in the dark musty earth.

Go within and find your centre close your eyes and take yourself into meditation into the quiet space within for there is much nourishment within the well spring of your intuition. Cast your anchor and allow yourself to float freely into the sea of intuition, allowing imagery to form in your mind’s eye. Allow stories to form with no rational mind or reason for it is within these stories that much emotional wisdom can be gained. Allow the mythmaker of your mind to activate and bring to life a story that is deep within your imagination. Let poetry form upon your lips; speak words of your grandeur and status as a soul. For it is in the speaking of these divine words that you can bring much encouragement to yourself.

Learn to calm and temper the emotions to bring stillness to the self, for it is within the reflections on the calm waters of your intuition that these images and stories of your soul will emerge. When there is balance within the emotions a knowledge and awareness arises from within which connects you to the wisdom of the divine. Let your creativity rise from within you from an inexhaustible is source that you carry within your heart.

You have an ability to plan and design your life path from your imagination but do not let your over organising nature take over from the creative process. First find your way from within the inner reflective space of your intuition and then when inspiration for a new direction has been given to you by spirit, you can plan and device to enact it into your life. It is a challenge now for you to find a balance between your feminine intuition, and your masculine mind. It is only by bringing yourself to the centre point can you then manifest all the dreams of your intuition and manifest them into your reality.

Love Spirit