Dear Starseed

It is time now for you to be the authority in your own life. From the moment of your birth you were guided by other people’s instruction, starting with your parents and your family, and progressing through your schooling years into society. Every step along the way you have been directed, guided, and even coerced into being, performing, and manifesting the life others think that you should. Some of the advice has been of a positive nature, and is guided and furthered you along your spiritual path; other advice has left you trapped in a dead end. It is time now for you to be the authority of your own life, to take your guidance and instructions from your higher self. It is time now for you to drop down into your intuition, beyond the chatter of the rational mind, to listen to the quiet voice that will guide you through the turbulent years that are to come.

As you take authority for yourself, you will no longer need to be guided and instructed by authorities on the outside. As you step into the maturity of your spiritual development, you will no longer need governments, authorities, and other confines to direct you into manifesting the life that you are destined to become. With this authority comes much responsibility, for every action and decision taken has consequences. You are being guided by your intuition more than ever before, the energies of the Earth are rising in frequency, and your intuition will become stronger until it is so obvious that it will become a guiding light in your life. Your soul will take you through many challenges where it will test your trust in your intuition, and it will also show you the correctness of your perception as you follow this inner intuitive knowing.

There is a battle coming for the authority of yourself. You can see the rise of this battle manifesting in your outside reality as many people are rising in protest against their governments. Just as you see these battles and protests forming in your outside reality, you will also experience these battles going on within your psyche. Your outside reality is a reflection of your inner spiritual development. As the energies of the Earth begin to rise many people will be given the opportunity to advance their souls and take the authority and control of their own lives into their own hands. Not all souls on the planet are ready for this kind of responsibility, and therefore their lives may look very different to yours. But you are being called by your soul and your higher self to follow your intuition, take your authority of life and complete a cycle which began many lives ago. For many of you, you are at the end of the grand cycle. You have been learning through a series of losses and entrapment to the authorities in the outside reality. Many of you have had past lives whereby you lost your authority of yourself to an outside force. Many of the memories of these past lives will come up in the coming months as your soul is asking you to address the issues that you have around your inner and outer authorities. Your governments and authorities are exerting more control over you day by day. However all this doing is, is pushing you further towards your own sovereignty, it is enabling you to take back your power and stand in the true authenticity and authority of yourself.

There is a shifting of the ages; there is a dying of the old system, and the rising of the new. As you go through this death of one kind of civilisation you will feel a grief and a mourning will occur. For you have been so entrenched in the systems, and have allowed the control and authority of such system for many lifetimes, when this system decays into ruins, you will feel a part of your psyche morning its death. Change is coming to your world which is going to bring great harmony but first the old system must fall. As your worlds change so will you instead of being bonded to a governance of another you will become truly free human beings with the responsibilities of the Gods.

Great change is coming; many souls are leaving the earth unable to pass through the energy reset which has been designed by the Creator of your world. Do not focus on the sorrow and suffering as these changes make shifts not understood by man. Gaia is directing this change in energies and as she shifts her matrix. Take time out to bring harmony into your life and your energy body as you go through these turbulent changes. You were destined to be here during this transforming times of world change. 

Love Spirit