Dear Starseed

It is time to let go of that which restricts and causes fear in your little self, the one who sleeps in the matrix. It is time to loosen your grip on controlling your destiny and let your soul and its connection to the Universal Dreamer guide you now. You have been conditioned to want to direct your life yourself but you direct from the wrong part of self, for this direction of life should come from your soul. The smaller ego self is here for the ride and should never be the driver, it is the servant of the higher self. Let go and allow yourself to find trust in a higher version of yourself.

Let the focus on the density of your world go and let yourself float if only for brief time. Let the grips of the matrix go, so you can float out of the Maya of the illusion. You have been so focused in the density of your reality you have become fearful and hypnotised by the lies of the matrix. You must remind yourself of who you are and why you are here. You are special you are here to wake up and become lucid in the dream. Let the chains of the matrix release its grip on your mind and heart.

There is a script being played out in your illusionary matrix reality which you can clearly see beginning to manifest in your world. Powerful players of both light and dark are moving the chess pieces be observant at this time and see the drama as it unfolds. Take your time, slow down and consider your moves more than at any other time. Let your awareness drop down into the heart space and let that quiet voice guide you be mindful and present. Look to the stars for inspiration and signs and symbols. There is much written in the stars about the prophetic times in which you live. Open yourself up to guidance from beings that support you from the stars. Many families of star nations are with you now.

For many of you it is a time of solitude, a time to be alone. Some of you can embrace this as a welcome rest from the chaos of the world, however there are others of you who are resistant, fearing what they will find when they are left with their self. Use this alone time to look within, to bring balance and healing to that which is distorted. Use this alone time to get to know yourself, and to embrace and enjoy the many quirks of your nature. Many of you shift and change your personality in order to fit in line with other people, enjoy this alone time so you can really be yourself without the fear of judgement from others. Learn to play in the solitude, think for yourself free from the chatter of others. There is much change that will come to your world there are challenges ahead use these quiet alone times to recharge your batteries, to analyse and heal. You are being given great opportunity to transform, both yourself and the world reality in which you live. You only need to surrender to the flow of your intuition and the guidance that comes from your heart and soul.

Do not lose faith in your dreams, for you have all seen that beautiful future. Find your faith in the heart space find the One who knows the journey already. Even though you have free will, there are pivotal moments upon your path which are pre-fated and destined. When you see other people around you making decisions that are in opposition to yours, you must have faith that their souls are guiding them in their lives and the way they are unfolding are predestined pre-fated in time. A feeling of divine timing will predate all that will occur in your world. As you move on into this quantum acceleration of spirit you will be shown much that could disturb your sense of the world do not let those times take you from your centre. Stand firm in your idea of self and do not let the world convince you that you are something that you are not. Trust in yourself, trust in your life and trust in your destiny which has been written in the stars and sang into your soul.

Love Spirit