Dear Starseed

Something new is coming you can feel it in the air. It is activating something deep within you. Change is coming you can see it beginning to manifest in your outside world. All across the Earth many people are waking up. It is time to be mentally prepared for that which is coming. For just as a mother experiences pain of the birth of her child, the collective of humanity will also go through its trials and tribulations, as it bursts itself anew. We are all on the cusp of a great adventure, do not let fear guide your way. For there will be manifestations of distortions appearing in your outside reality, as the waves of truth reveal that which has been secretly lurking in the shadow.

You were born for these times, you chose to incarnate into this particular timeframe in order to experience this grand awakening and transformation. There are of course negative forces which would like to prevent you from making the shift, they set many challenges and obstacles in your way. Do not give up faith; do not give up heart, for all is predestined, for this has been written in both the stars and in the books of men. You came to assist the Earth as she goes through a grand transformation and humanity frees itself from the binds of those that wish to rule them.

When there is chaos all around you that is the time for you to go quietly within to find that place within you that trusts in the plan. Find that part of you that already knows why you are here; find that part of you that feels its destiny unfolding. If you are reading these words you were meant to survive these times of tribulation. If you are reading these words you incarnated into this timeframe to assist Gaia in raising her frequency, and in this process a revealing of the shadow will occur. There is a battle coming, a battle for your mind and soul, find the strength within.

You may not know why you are here in words and concrete concepts but you know in your heart that you are here to witness something. The world drama is unfolding do not let that which occurs on the outside rock you from your centre. There are challenges coming which will affect you all both within and without. New earth is only a dream at present, however as the Starseeds awaken and remember why they are here they will begin to emit an energy which will be used to ascend you to a new version of the earth.

Become a channel of the new energy and light which will begin to flood the earth plane in the later part of 2022. This energy wave will be subtle at first only those of sensitive clairvoyance will recognise its appearance. However as the energy wave builds and takes hold more and more will feel it. There is an opening of the heart which each of you will go through as you awaken not only in mind but also in soul as the heart chakra opens like a many petalled flower and you begin to feel again. You will be brought to tears that are so tender and moving you will wonder where they have come from. Do not worry if you awaken with your pillow wet with tears. The tears come as recognition of your heart opening up on a level you have never experienced before.

As each heart opens a resonance will awaken those who are sleeping at present be kind to them as they come to realise they have been living in a sea of lies created by those who control your world. There was a time when you were once yourself were asleep. Do not judge those who are in ignorance assist them to see the error of their ways. Stand strong in your light and do not let the shadow deceive you as it lashes out as it takes it last stand against you knowing that it will soon be no more.

Love Spirit