Spirit Name

In our western culture we leave the naming of our children to the parents. Often we are named after someone from our ancestral line or even someone famous. Some parents spend hours looking through naming books looking for just the right name; other parents name their children on a whim. Rarely do they get the name right. Rarely do our chosen names express the energy signature of our Souls. So what is in a name? A name is a group of letters or glyphs / symbols which identify you. Everyone recognizes himself or herself by name. Our names separate us from the animal kingdoms it sets us apart in a world of reason and words. To think consciously, one must use language. Language expresses the energy behind the words, it has intelligence to it, and it has mental power in its own right. So many people have spoken and written this language that it has embedded itself into the cells of our bodies, the energetic meaning of these letters and their combinations. We not only read words on a page we also feel the vibrational geometric pattern which the sounds of this letter or combination of words produce. We are living in a sea of words which also have vibrational resonance with our energetic body.

So what happens when someone else choses our names?

If we are exceptional our parents will chose for us a name which totally expresses who we are on an energetic level. Often this is not the case. Often we spend our entire lives living through someone else’s idea of who they think we should be. We all edit ourselves to fit into someone else’s idea of how we should be. The name is the spell that allows this to happen. We are locked into a personality type by our parents choosing. Every time someone calls our name we are reminded of who we are not or who someone else thinks we should be. No wonder so many in the new age are changing their names. They are trying to change the energetic framework around them that lets them express who they really are. The letters of your name are not just flat symbols on the page; they are energetic constructs which all come together on the fourth dimension to form a geometric pattern. This pattern is like a picture of your energetic signature. If you are living with a name which does not resonate with your being then you are living in a prison of letters, or a spell or matrix.

Many of our western names are bad spells. Each of the letters have their harmonious partners and their disharmonious. Each letter is also a tone or vibration, these various wave forms interact with each other in distinct ways, which are either harmonious or disharmonious. Many of our names are disharmonious. A name is not a word it is an expression of the tone of your soul. If you speak a name it should resonate in a way to make you feel a certain way which expresses who you are in vibration. As you speak your name you should be able to feel the energetic expression of your soul, if not your name is not your name and has been chosen for you by another. Many make fun of those who chose to change their names, especially if the name is unusual. This can be a challenge to changing the name, not to mention the official problems. However there is more going on here, than simply people finding it hard to change what they call you. Many people will act aggressive towards you when you change your name as it triggers them. They are no longer able to project on to you because you are now stating who you really are, in the changing of your name. You are no longer living in the shoes of the name chosen for you by your parents; you are now walking your own path. Other people find this disconcerting, so be aware that if you change your name you may find resistance from your loved ones.

So how do you find your true name, your spirit name?

This is a question people have asked me over and over; my answer is always the same. I cannot give you your name you have to find this yourself. It is an important part of your spiritual path to discover your name. It indicates to you that you are completing the integration of your soul into the cells of your physical body, which is true incarnation. It is a good indicator along your path. Ask your soul to bring you your name, you may get it in a dream, or meditation, it may be written on a billboard, or sung in a song. Open up the possibility of this name coming to you from the universe, do not limit the many ways your soul can use the universe to give you your name. Here is a meditation which I use with my clients so they can find their spirit name.

1) Get yourself comfortable, close your eyes and take several deep breaths.

2) Spend a little time really allowing your physical body to relax. Quieten the mind.

3) Put out a mental request that the energy of your soul comes for you, allow it to build in the air around you. When you feel intuitively there is enough energy there you can breathe it in, breathe it into the cells of your body.

4) Ask your soul to bring you your name. At first it will be in a vibration. That you will feel as a tingle in the body. It may be subtle at first so you have to be quiet in order to be able to hear it or rather feel it.

5) Once you have the vibration in the body, imagine if you could what sort of sound that this vibration would make if it was made into music. Let this music become more and more concrete. Get to the point of being able to sing along, and then begin to sing it out loud. At first it might be just a series of tones. Work with it until it becomes a real word. Then bring yourself out of the meditation and immediately write it down.

6) Whatever you do, do not edit it after, this will be done by your rational mind and this will always edit it so you do not get your real name. Remain in the right brain, the intuitive mind and you will get your name.