Birthed from the womb of the Great Mother Goddess

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Star Fire , San Graal, the song of the blood- Navigators of the AbZu – Episode Six

Star Fire is the San Graal, the song of the blood. It is the blood song which gives you the ability to magnetically dance or navigate gene pools and all corresponding Soul families through the stellar vortexes, to travel through the serpent cords to inscend to the stars by walking the Solarian way. The Solarian way is the ability to navigate through stellar Stargates, the fuel for this is within the blood, it is your star fire. Excite the passion, ignite the fire in the blood, bring a moment of bliss to the heart and the Universe begins to sing. The many Silver Serpents entwine through harmony and become the serpent rope, which turns in on itself, creating the serpent tunnels through space and time, travel these highways of light to the portals in the Sun.

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