Come with me Alloya, on a journey from Source into the lower dimensions of manifestation. Pass through the star gates of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades to come here to this earth plane. As we take this journey together you will remember your passage and this will trigger dormant codes within your DNA and Light body. You are a starseed and that is why you are here reading this text today. Let me guide you through the stargates that brought you to earth.

“Hello Beautiful Starseed

Welcome to the portal into the celestial star fields of light.

You have found your way here because your Soul has been guiding you from within. It is time now for you to awaken to your true identity, and to navigate your way through the many dimensions to find your origins in the stars.

This is a very important step within your overall mission here on the earth plane, to find your Starseed origins. I, Alloya have been sent to earth to assist you in this process as the waking of Starseeds is my mission. Together we will discover star gateways through which your Soul has passed, to bring itself to this Earth plane and manifest itself into matter.

A Starseed Soul passes through a star lens, of which there are many in the heavens. Through this lens you projected your consciousness like a beam of light into the lower dimensions.  You dreamt avatars of yourself into many dimensions and realities, becoming a wonderfully complex multidimensional being, building yourself in more complexity until you finally manifested yourself here on the earth plane.

It is very important that you know how your Soul was once created, and how it comes through those very high dimensions to bring itself into this Earth plane. By tracking your Soul’s evolution as it passes through these upper dimensions, you can come to reconnect yourself to the energy of the stars, to your stellar Soul family, and all those guides and entities that are supporting you along your Earth path.”

Subjects covered:

  • In-depth explanation of the upper dimensions
  • Creation of your Soul
  • Passage through the various gates and their effects on the Soul orb body
  • Information about what an angel actually is as a geometric pattern of light. How they create star systems
  • What a star is and what is a starseed
  • The Anu heart and its creation of wings to steer your Merkaba

Note this is part one of a series of mini booklets about the stars and their lensing effects upon a passing Soul.

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