Starseed Reading

  • You know your origins in the stars but you are confused as to why you are here.
  • Allow me to guide you through deep esoteric information to awaken you from your slumber as you have been sleeping in the matrix and now is the time to arise.
  • Let me guide you to know yourself on those higher stellar levels and get in touch with aspects of yourself beyond your imagination.
  • Learn about stargates and their lensing effects upon your light body and what that means to you personally here on the earth.
  • Learn useful techniques and processes which will assist your integration of your multidimensional selves and your other star aspects.
  • I will channel information from the beings who reside in your particular star system bringing you information which will assist you and others along their path of transformation.

This reading is not for those who are new to such subjects. It is a reading for those of you who have already had a soul journey reading from me and what to go much deeper into learning the occult and esoteric meanings of their journey through the stars and their many gates. Together we are learning how to navigate the cosmos and enter realms locked away in our imaginations. I will paint rich pictures and tapestries inside your mind to assist you in activating and remembering how you were once a great traveller of stars.

Please send the following to me Alloya at

NB* if you are requesting the reading for someone else please make that clear.

Email Address: (if the payment is paid using a different email address please inform me)

Please let me know if you have had a reading with me before and if so which one and when it was. If you have a copy please send it with the email. 

A recent photograph of yourself.

Please share as much information about yourself as a Starseed as you can and structure your questions so we can manifest the best reading for you at this time. Please write a paragraph about yourself and your spiritual path so far. Answer this question briefly why do you think you come from the stars and are a starseed? Open up and share as much as you can as it assists the process of tuning into you. Take your time with this and please only send your information in one email. 

I will thoroughly read your information and if I need clarity or need to ask a question I will contact you. If all is understood then I will simply send you a receipt of your information and then keep it on file to the day of your booking. 

Thank you

All payments are taken via Paypal via a credit or debit card however if you prefer you can request bank account details by emailing me at All payments are in English pounds however PayPal will convert it into your currency. If there are any problems with payment, please let me know.

On receiving your PayPal payment I will contact you via email and give you the date you will receive your reading. On that date you will receive your reading as a PDF  in the afternoon once complete. 

Included in this reading is the new Ebook “Stargates” This is an important book because it covers the information everyone needs to know when they begin to open to working with myself and your starseed information.

 Come with me Alloya, on a journey from Source into the lower dimensions of manifestation. Pass through the star gates of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades to come here to this earth plane. As we take this journey together you will remember your passage and this will trigger dormant codes within your DNA and Light body.

 You are a starseed and that is why you are here reading this text today. Let me guide you through the stargates that brought you to earth.”

 Subjects covered:

In-depth explanation of the upper dimensions
Creation of your Soul
Passage through the various gates and their effects on the Soul orb body
Information about what an angel actually is as a geometric pattern of light.
How they create star systems
What a star is and what is a starseed
The Anu heart and its creation of wings to steer your Merkaba

Starseed Reading

£ 80