Shared Reading about Lemuria

This was kindly shared by a good friend and client of mine …   You probably need more positive news? You need more stories that give you hope, don’t you? Re: Yes please, give us something to hold on. Something […]

Alloya’s Experience of New Earth Reality – Taken from The Mission of the One Star 1991

For some time, I had considered giving up smoking. I thought it would be too difficult and hadn’t given it any really serious effort. One afternoon in late March, I sat smoking a cigarette in my front room. I thought […]

Attacked by the Artifical Matrix

There is a lot of talk on the internet about the idea that we live inside a computer simulation, which is run by an Artificial Intelligence. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos about this topic, and it inspired […]

Was evidence for an Extinction Level Event found at the New Mexico Sunspot Observatory? + Alloya’s work

This is taken from Navigators of the AbZu Part One .  The light is coming, like a wave it will crash and wash into our consciousness, quickening our cells, bringing us to Solar Inscension, a dimensional shift in consciousness. In April […]

What is an NPC or Non Player Character ? – Beyond The Veil + Alloya’s comments

Many years ago, I spent three weeks in Slough in London selling things in a christmas market. To say I was bored was an understatement, so as I sat there in the main high street of the town, I was […]