Childhood Shame , Solar Plexus Split & Archonic Etherical Parasites

NB* This is some update information on the archonic parasites. If you are unfamiliar with my work on these parasites please follow the links at the bottom of this article, which will take you to podcasts about these entities. Within […]

Samira Maharaj Reiki master-teacher and spiritual healer born and raised in Toronto, Canada

Samira Maharaj is a Reiki master-teacher and spiritual healer born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Using a mixed array of new age and ancient healing techniques, teachings, meditations and modalities, Samira created her brand; The Samiracle. It is her philosophy […]

Alloya’s Top Tips – Tip 9- Talking with your inner child through writing a letter.

A great way to assist you in getting in touch with your inner child, is to write it a letter with your dominant writing hand. You can tell your inner child that you love her/him, that you are here for […]

Alloya’s Top Tips 4- Voiding negative people

Have you fallen out with someone , or had an argument or disagreement , only to experience what feels like a psychic attack coming from that person ? Do you suddenly have flashes of the person’s face in your mind […]

Alloya’s Top Tips, Tip 2 – Brain Sync

We are living in an electromagnetic smog which is caused by the energy emanations of mobile phone masts, mobile phones, TV masts, electrical pylons, and the electrical appliances in our home. Living in this electromagnetic smog can cause the right […]