Talking with the Plants


In ancient ages past, these present times were foretold, in long forgotten stories told by old men and women. We live in a feverous world of duality, contradiction and intrigue. Pushed hither and tither by the desires of men. It is time to take back our old traditions foretold by our grandmothers and listen to the quiet voice within for a way out of the mire of confusion which perpetuates our consciousness. We live in a left brain world one reduced to atoms of matter and nothing more. We struggle in a world where love is only honoured by Hallmark is its endless parade of pointless cards. Sentiment is cheap, or so you would think, however each year that piece of card with a tacky verse rising in price higher and higher. We live in a reality of contradicting forces the pull and push of duality, as we crash our way through the labyrinth of our lives. Who is there to guide us, religious men, social agents, governments, celebrities? We look to one god to another, yet all seem to call for war and a bloody mess, or is that just a trait of humankind. No religion so far, no god or deity or passing ET can fix our mess for us we have the responsibility to address this mess ourselves. Isn’t it time we stopped looking to the heavens to some outside force or praying to some invisible god because to be quite frank they do not seem to have the answers. Who will guide us out of this chaotic disaster we call life on Earth.

Maybe Earth has the answers for us. After all isn’t she intelligent enough to guide our way. Look at the thousands of complex organisms, plants, and animal species which exist on our planet, each one harmoniously balanced with another. The organic dance of each species is so complex even our modern computers are only now beginning to see the fractal nature of Gaia’s being. She has taken the fractal nature of the universe , loaded with its geometric shapes and patterns and has modified it , created it a new into a wondrous complex geometric master piece. Imagine having to organise that many species in such a small space? Take a foot square on your lawn for instance, if you look carefully you will see there is a lot more than just grass. Those so called weeds that you fight to rid your lawn of were once honoured by the ancient people. The Dandelion for instance a constant pest in anyone’s lawn, is it known, for its medicinal qualities, as a diuretic, cleansing the liver and bladder providing a spring clean at just the right time of year. Tea made from the flowers, leaves, and root were used in ancient times not just because the ancients were detox fanatics , but because the bright yellow flower the emanation of the spirit of the dandelion, was enticing to the eyes of those who lived from the land. It was one of the first flowers to appear in spring, hardy and resilient it gave these same qualities to those who ingested them. Daisy, nettle, mint and cleavers all have detoxing properties as well as boosting the immune and general system. All of these wonderful plants grow relentless on your lawn no matter how much you spray them with roundup.

They say that plants grow where they are needed, this I found to be true as I looked around my land, looking into the hedgerows, seeing a teaming abundance of wild plants, many of them edible and medicinal. As I researched each one I discovered that each one was good for women, hormonal balancing was one of the many healing properties of the plants that surrounded me. It was true I needed them and they graciously gifted me by growing around me in abundance. The May Flower of the old thorn tree is an elixir of the heart, drinking tea made from its flowers in early May acts as a heart tonic stimulating the heart and blood arousing one from the sluggishness of the winter months.
It seems that the plants are talking to me, or maybe now I am actually listening. Maybe they always spoke to me but I did not have the patience to really hear them. Since beginning my path with Ayahuasca (a Peruvian brew from the Amazon, known for its ethnogenic qualities) I have slowly had the veil torn back from my eyes and ears and now I am beginning to see the complex pharmacology of nature’s abundance. It is not something to be learnt from a book or someone else’s teachings, (we all know where that has gotten us), and it can only be learnt from direct experience. The Peruvian shamans talk about dietas, which is a diet of one or several medicinal plants over a period of time which could be 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years, each person is unique and their developing relationship with each plant varies. The plant is ingested in many forms, teas, mashes, tinctures, and oils; it is ingested daily in micro doses and in ceremonies in bigger quantities. By ingesting the plant a relationship is formed which enables the shaman to then at a later date invite the presence of the plant to aid him in his or her healing practice. These dietas can be done with many plants not just to ones we consider to be sacred such as Ayahuasca, Peyote etc. It can be done with the native plants we find growing in our own back yard. What better way of becoming more energetically equated with the nature around us than working with the plants and the spirits themselves.

Many of our ethnogenic traditions have been lost here in the England, stained forever by time by the hands of those who stamped pagan ways from this land. Scraps of information appear in story and song however a clear precise description of life as an ethnogenic shaman of those times is lost forever. How do we get back the knowledge of our hedgerow plants many of them have been eradicated from our lands due to chemical farming? How do we have access to the wealth of knowledge our ancestors must have had. Why we ingest the plants ourselves and document for our daughters the knowledge and wisdom we are gifted from the plants. We have to be brave and ingest those plants which have been demonised by the church and even in our modern times are still thought of as being poisonous. Take the Flygaric Mushroom for instance; many think this mushroom a deadly poison. However taken in its dried form can give the ingestor a wonderful other worldly shamanic experience. How many more of the plants demonised in time hold secrets to realities and worlds which hold much knowledge for our degrading race of man?
As I work with each plant in turn, dieting with each one I am seeing a pathway, a way through the undergrowth of Gaia’s consciousness. Each plant seems to open up the way for the next, each coming into my life at just the right moment, guiding my way through a rising of my consciousness. Who would have thought it you can transform through relationships with plants in such a way. These teacher plants have a wisdom which puts our limited human minds to shame. So why are we not looking to nature for the answers to our problems, why are we looking to those coming from the stars to save us , or some estranged scientist in a lab, When we have Gaia and all her wisdom growing in our hedge?

Love Alloya