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This article is about Spider Entities.

I have always had an intense fear of spiders, so you can imagine my horror , when I encountered etherical spiders . I was in my room alone at night when all of a sudden a very cold presence entered the room. At first I could not see it, I could only feel it , the hairs on my arms stood on end and I felt on red alert. So I scanned my room for the dreaded spider. I pulled my bed out and searched underneath hoping there was not a spider lurking there, as I would only scream and run from the room. I searched and searched and found nothing but the feeling remained. Later that evening I was just dropping off to sleep when I  felt a strange presence . I opened my eyes to briefly see three huge black spider beings , as soon as they saw that I could see them, they walked through the wall and they were gone. I was terrified.

Over the next months these spider beings visited me every night , mostly when I was in the hypnogogic state just before sleep. I would feel their presence and would want to run from the room but I was frozen I could not move my body I was paralysed. They never did anything or even tried to communicate , as the nights passed I realised I was being challenged to get over my fear of spiders . I began to have dreams about spiders, huge spiders who travelled in metal spaceships which also resembled spiders , they were very menacing. I began to have flashes of memory of planets being invaded and planets and even whole solar systems being blown up by these metal spiders.

I wrote about them in my first book “ The Mission of the One Star “ – “There are races of beings that are in spider body. Their consciousness is not dissimilar to the spiders that you encounter on earth, but they are of huge proportions. They are of a much higher intelligence level than the ones that you have on earth. They inhabited many planetary systems .They have a very cold consciousness, they are without love. They do have emotional bodies, not like human emotions but they can feel pain and have an awareness of suffering. They are totally without compassion and are very warlike creatures. They are very peaceful among themselves, as they are a collective consciousness.

They are connected in a telepathic/telekinetic kind of way. They can feel one another. Not in an emotional way but in a physical perception. They can feel through telekinetic waves the state of consciousness of their fellow beings. Imagine if you will a giant web like structure that is made up of metal lines. Imagine if a current of electricity was passed down these lines from one point only, the static, the current would eventually flow along the whole of the structure. This is what it is like for the spider beings and the consciousness that is the spider web. Each spider would eventually feel the static; the electrical message as it passed through its collective consciousness. Their level of consciousness is automatic; they do not feel emotions like you, only in their ability to feel pain and to have the intelligence to protect themselves from it. They have a mental body but it is very cold and automated.

The spider beings having destroyed their home worlds through abuse of black hole technology went on a campaign to take over other systems. They came to earth to take over the planet as their own. They built ships that were dark and cold. Many of you have written in your psyches, the stories of the spider beings. Many of you have encountered them on other planets, they were cruel and without love. In some sectors they gained control, others they were fought back by Alliances of Planets. The spider beings spent many thousands of years creating mass destruction wherever they went.”

I had dreams about the spider beings destroying their home world through a black hole technology . Before this happened upon their home world they were not so cold and calculated , they were vibrating in the energy of love however something terrible happened to their home world which almost exterminated their entire race. Many thousands of them were destroyed because of the use of this black hole technology , the cells of their bodies literally imploded in a burst of light . Only those who had access to space ships were able to leave their home world , I watched as many black spider looking metal ships left the planet ,leaving no survivors. This black hole technology went terribly wrong , many died, but that was not the worst of it , when these beings died their etherical bodies remained lost in the debri of the destruction of their planet. I could see rocks floating in space the remains of their planet , floating lost and disembodied  spider beings somehow caught in the electromagnetic electrical forces which were scambled due to the planetary explosion. These etherical spider beings seemed to be in constant pain , like they were being electrocuted over and over. I saw them writing in pain. These disincarnate etherical spiders were lost and trapped in this pain for ever. Because these beings are a collective, all other spiders could also feel this pain and over many thousands of years of feeling this connection to the pain of those who were lost ,the spider collective began to change. They had to cut off all feeling and sensation, turning completely to technology in order to survive. They went on a rampage destroying many worlds with a frequency technology. I saw them using huge computers to change the frequencies of the planets they wished to conquer , I saw many different races screaming with pain as the spider beings projected harmful and torturous frequencies. I saw wars and many planets blown apart . Even though the spider beings conquered many worlds they found none of them to be a home so they began to live completely in space , travelling in vast fleets of black metal ships. They merged their consciousness with artifical intelligence technology to enhance them so they would withstand living in space permanently, this cut them off from the source of all creation, their souls were now encased in a shiny black metal. When I watched the film the matrix I was shocked to see the spider like machines as they resembled the spider beings I had encountered.
It was also during this time that I became highly allergic to food. It came from nowhere one morning I awoke to find my face was badly swollen I could hardly open my eyes, I had what looked like acid burn marks all over my face where my tears had burnt my face. Every morning after a night of being visited by these spider beings , I awoke the next morning with the same symptoms, over the day the swelling would reduce but it would take days for the skin to heal , by which time another encounter rendered me back to square one again, so to say I was miserable was an understatement. I became allergic to all food and ended up in hospital . I did recover but since this time I am still highly sensitive to many foods. I do not know how the spider beings and my allergies are connected but I have a theory. I think my body could feel the invasion of the spider beings energy and was trying to get my attention by making my security system, my immune system go on red alert. I could feel every hair on my body standing on end to the point where it hurt and was tender with my clothes against my skin. As if I was in danger and the animal part of my body was on red alert. I could feel the electricity on the planet as if I was caught in it and I felt like I was statically frying. I felt like I was being energetically tortured in some way. The only place where I was free of this feeling was in nature where there were no electrical cables over head. I began to feel this spider consciousness in my computer as if it was making up the 1s & 0s in the binary code, weaving its web.

NASA Space Spider Survived 100 Days in Outer Space But Dies at National Museum in D.C.

Rudolf Steiner-A Lecture given at Dornach on May 13, 1921

– See more at:

Steiner: “And from the earth will arise a terrible race of beings, in character midway between the mineral and plant kingdoms, as robotic beings of extreme, intense and logical intellect. They will spread and take hold of the earth, overlaying it as with a web of terrible spiders — spiders of enormous wisdom, whose organization does not however even reach the level of plants. These terrible spiders will interweave and intermesh with each other, imitating in their movements all that human beings have conceived with their shadowy intellect — without allowing it to be inspired by a new imagination, and all that is to come through spiritual science. All unreal human thoughts of this kind will assume the reality of being. The earth will be covered […] with terrible, mineral plant-type spiders, which will spin very rational interconnections with each other but with malevolent intention. And the human being […] will have to merge his being with these terrible mineral-plant spider creatures.”

These spider creatures will be distinctly ahrimanic in character […] in an era of global computer and internet links, you may feel disheartened to realize how quickly this prophecy is becoming a reality on earth.

So here Steiner has warned about these robotic spider organisms somewhere between the plant and mineral kingdom rapidly populating the earth. The term “ghostly” was also used to describe the spiders. The author connects them to the internet AND connects ahrimanic forces to the technological revolution. It fits perfectly.”

It is no coincidence that we call the internet the WORLD WIDE WEB, or the inter NET, or that search engines rely on Spiders to create the search. Look at the terminology spider, worms, and crawlers are all used to describe processes within the internet or the WEB. People have reported seeing these strange scuttle creatures which look like a cross between a crab and a spider almost mechanical coming from computers, TVs, and phone cables. I saw a black crab creature around the electric substation near my home. I have also seen them around mobile phone masts. It is as if they were feeding off the electricity. I saw these beings come and go from within these installations.

There is talk on the internet about an alien based type computer which is not terrestrial which was seeded to us, so we would make what we have today GOO-gle’s world wide web. Goo – gle – a reference to Black Goo (please see previous chapters). There is talk that our television and communications systems are now in full control of an Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Scuttlers;  are a spider based AI, Spiders Bots were named after the Tentacle looking dark shadow forms which were seen coming out of electronics like laptops, cable boxes and LCD Televisions .

“Visited Miles at his home and got him to speak about whatever he wanted to speak about. This is the very interesting result. Could not have got a word in edgeways, even if I had tried. He starts off with the original valve which the scuttler was wrapped around, then goes into an electron spin, how the eye sees, how an analogue signal produce a bipolar signal, how we cannot move further out into space without a biogenetic device.”

“NASA-funded program will use spider robots to build a home for mankind in space. Orbiting robot spiders could be used to piece together space-crafts under a new NASA-funded project. The futuristic new system – dubbed SpiderFab – is being developed by a company called Tethers Unlimited. The system uses arachnid-like droids to construct large objects in orbit around the Earth or further into the Solar System.
Scientists have created microscopic robots out of DNA molecules that can walk, turn and even create tiny products of their own on a nano-scale assembly line. The ground-breaking devices outlined in the journal Nature, could one day lead to armies of surgeon robots that could clean human arteries or build computer components.

In one of the projects a team from New York’s Columbia University created a spider bot just four nanometres across. This is about 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Robots of the future could operate at the nano-scale level, cleaning arteries or building computer components .The nano-spider moves along a track comprising stitched-together strands of DNA that is essentially a pre-programmed course. The track exploits DNA’s double-helix molecule – a structure of four chemicals that are paired in rungs. By ‘unzipping’ the DNA you end up with a track that can be used rather like the teeth in a clockwork mechanism. A cog can move around the teeth, provided it meshes with them. By using strands that correspond to sequences in the track, the robot can be made to walk, turn left or right as it is biochemically attracted to the next matching stretch. The spider’s ‘body’ is a common protein called streptavidin. Attached to it are three ‘legs’ of single-strand enzymatic DNA, which binds to, and then cuts, a particular sequence of DNA. The fourth leg is a strand that anchors the spider to the starting point. Study leader Milan Stojanovic said: ‘After the robot is released from its start site by a trigger strand, it follows the track by binding to and then cutting the DNA strands. ‘Once the strand is cut, the leg starts reaching for the next matching stretch of DNA in the track. In this way, the spider is guided down the path set by the researchers. Eventually, the robot encounters a patch of DNA to which it can bind but cannot cut. At that point, it is immobilised.”

To watch the spider in motion, the researchers used atomic force microscopy which showed the molecular robots following four different paths. Molecular robots have drawn huge interest because of the allure of programming them to sense their environment and react to it. For instance, they could note disease markers on a cell surface, decide that the cell is cancerous and needs to be destroyed and then deliver a compound to kill it. Other DNA walkers have been developed in the past, but they have never ventured more than a few steps, said Hao Yan, a professor at Arizona State University. Professor Yan said: ‘This one can walk about to about 100 nanometers. That’s roughly 50 steps. ‘The next step is how to make the spider walk faster and how to make it more programmable, so that it can follow many commands on the track and make more decisions. In a separate study reported in Nature, Nadrian Seeman and colleagues from New York University said they had built a prototype molecular factory. They used a number of DNA robots to assemble gold particles in different ways in response to chemical commands. DNA walkers moved past three kinds of DNA machines that handed them a cargo of gold nano-particles, which are clutched with three ‘hands’.

‘This is the first time that systems of nano-machines, rather than individual devices have been used to perform operations, constituting a crucial advance in the evolution of DNA technology,’ said Lloyd Smith, from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, in a commentary also published by Nature. Nearly £6billion is being invested in research and development of nano products worldwide, according to the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, which tracks environmental and health concerns arising from the new technology. “

People report seeing spiders when they are just falling asleep or on waking, these astral spiders are well reported. I saw them up close and personal when I smoked DMT. I had wanted to try DMT for many years but I never came across it. So I was excited when a friend said he had some I could try. I had heard lots about DMT and expected a colourful journey into other dimensions. I had no fear and only excitement and was eager to try. I placed the smoking pipe on the table and sat back and closed my eyes and waited for the ride. I took off at an incredible speed I could hear a ringing in my ears and suddenly I was catapulted into a strange world. It was not colourful and beautiful; there were no fractals, or wormhole rides, no spirits or any of the things which other people’s had experienced. I was in a grey shadow place with lots of large black spiders who seemed to not notice me; they continued to scurry about on their webs, repairing it as they went. There were other creatures there too shadow beings, succubus, and incubus, demon faces, none of which were brightly lit, it was as if I was looking through a dirty window. The place felt cold and disturbing in energy. In the distance I could see a portal and on the other side an image of a beautiful earth landscape, but soon as I tried to get to the portal the spiders wove more webs around me. I could feel these beings inside my head, inside my brain, I could feel pressurised feelings that ran across my head and face which were almost painful. I could also hear frequencies which were not pleasant like chalk on a black board, it made my entire body feel on edge. Then the experience was over and I was back in the room, feeling very confused and a little scared. My friend tried to convince me what I was seeing was coming from my subconscious and the spiders were only manifestations of my fears and I should smoke some more DMT. So I did, I was nervous this time as I did not want to go back into that same shadow world. I thought surely I cannot go to the same place twice. So once again I lay back and closed my eyes.

I was back in that same place but this time I could have a better look around, there were other insect type beings there too, some were working on building this web matrix along with the spiders. I wanted to know where I was. Then it came to me I was behind the scenes of the artificial matrix. These spider beings weave this artificial matrix. I wanted to get out of there, so I made my way to the portal that is when I got noticed. Suddenly there were four shadow beings around me one of which had a strange wide brimmed hat. Nothing that scary to look at, but boy the energy that came from these beings was so terrifying I thought I would have a heart attack. My heart was pounding so loud in my chest, I struggled to try and open my eyes and make it stop but I could not. I felt all these beings around me I felt them trying to feed off me and one succubus tried to rape me. I called out to Mother Gaia in her Ayahuasca expression; she came with many serpent beings. All of the negative beings scattered and all of a sudden I was in a beautiful colourful and jewelled place with the tree of life, at its centre with many beautiful serpent beings. I had made it through the portal I was in the earth landscape. I have never smoked DMT since I would not be so foolish to put myself back into that shadow place. Are these spiders people are seeing, weaving a false artificial matrix?

Here is Spiders meaning from The Native American Medicine Cards.

Spider wove the web that brought humans the first picture of the alphabet. The letters were part of the angles of her web. Deer asked Spider what she was weaving and why all the lines looked like symbols. Spider replied, “Why Deer, it is time for Earth’s children to learn to make records of their progress in their Earth Walk.” Deer answered Spider, “But they already have pictures that show thought symbols the stories of their experiences.” “Yes,” spider said, “But Earth’s Children are growing more complex and their future generations will need to know more. The ones to come won’t remember how to read the petroglyphs.” So it was that Spider wove the first primordial alphabet, as she had woven the dream of the world that had become manifest. Spider’s dream of the physical world had come to fruition millions of years before. Spider’s body is made like the number eight, consisting of two lobe-like parts connected at the waist, and eight legs. Spider is the symbol for the infinite possibilities of creation. Her eight legs represent the four winds of change and the four directions on the medicine wheel. Spider weaves the webs of fate for those who get caught in her web and become her dinner. This is similar to humans who get caught in the web of illusion in the physical world, and never see beyond the horizon into the other dimensions.

Forums – Other People’s experiences of Spider astral entities. – Taken from

Hello, I am new here but I thought I would go ahead and post my experience and ask if anyone here has had any experience with these types of creatures? My experiences have been alarming at best and usually terrifying…but most of my experiences with OBE as well as lucid dreaming are usually terrifying unfortunately. But this is something altogether stranger. It goes like this…I have several times awoken from a lucid dream state by my own doing (becoming unnerved and basically pulling the plug on my own dream and waking myself) or from being in just a deep sleep and awoken by external factors like a telephone ringing, and opened my eyes and seen these creatures. About three times they have appeared as large spiders that are very dense looking in a dark grey and black colour and are about the size of a cat I would say. They are typically on the walls close to me and will even move into a corner…I stare at them in terror and then in about 5-10 seconds they vanish right into thin air. Needless to say this is one of the strangest things that has ever happen to me. But the last few times have been a bit different, I have awoken to see a translucent web made over my head above my bed with a translucent spider about the size of my fist in the center which also quickly vanished when I became focused.  Have done a bit of research but am not finding anything solid. The fact that it is frightening to see these things is only part of what is driving me to ask questions about them. I am concerned that they may be some sort of astral creature that is slowing down my spiritual progression by keeping my energy levels low, and I have even worse theories of course lol. I just don’t know what to make of them… sorry if I sound a bit paranoid delusional but things have been getting a bit dark and creepy in dream world lately and its freaking me out!! Any insights are greatly appreciated.”

“It hasn’t happened to me for a year maybe but I used to wake during a day time rest to see translucent spiders on the ceilings. I don’t take drugs and when I opened my eyes and saw them I would try to maintain the state for the vision as long as possible because it was so cool. Sometimes the spiders were suspended a foot or so from the ceiling and spinning their legs, other times they were just crouched on the ceiling and some had a faint colour to them and almost looked hairy or furry in a clear sort of way. But some were spindly thin daddy long legs types of spiders. It would only last for maybe 20secs at the most before it dissolved into a normal ceiling and I think it generally disappeared in an involuntary blink, so I if i could I would try not to blink and just take it in but that’s hard to do when you have just woken up.”

Starting in my early 20’s, I remember waking up from sleep and seeing a huge transparent shadow-like spider hanging next to my bed.  There was no immediate fear because I knew it wasn’t “real”.  I just stared at it for a while, so calm and moving its legs like it was weaving, and then it slowly faded until it was gone.  I’d seen them on occasion off and on for several years.  I always just kind of ignored it, and passed it off as still being in the dream state.  I didn’t see any after my big awakening in 2007, until about two years ago.  I’ve just seen it one time since this big awakening, it was about the size of a tarantula and it was also on the wall next to my bed when I woke up from sleep. My curiosity got me, so I researched it online and found a phenomenon called “astral spiders” or “etheric spiders”.  There’s a lot of negative stuff out there regarding this phenomena.  People are saying that they’re negative and that they’re parasites that actually siphon off of your aura and allegedly attack you in your sleep (yawn).  Do I feel this to be true in my experience?…No…I don’t feel any negativity coming from these beings, and I’m pretty darn sensitive.  I’m looking right at them and acknowledge them, and they don’t scurry off or show any fear, they don’t emanate any negativity or fear…they just calmly continue to weave.

This brings me to the subject of dream catchers.  There’s a Native American legend that dream catchers hung by your bed will catch any negativity or negative dreams in the web-like center of the dream catcher.  Since I’ve always seen these spiders while waking from sleep, and they’re always weaving around me, maybe they’re actually weaving a form of “dream catcher” around while I sleep? There’s also a legend of Grandmother Spider which is Goddess energy, and various other cultures view spiders as Creator of the universe, bringers of good luck and fortune, and even protectors.  I think I resonate with those explanations a lot better than the fear based ones!

The classic dream catcher has a pattern in its web that looks very familiar to me: 
It reminds me of the top view of a Torus:

I’ve even woken up from sleep to see the top view of a torus illuminated in white, glistening with a golden sheen above me.   I feel like there’s a connection there, between the astral spiders, webs, the geometry of the dream catcher and the Torus, but I can’t quite figure it out yet.  I’m thinking MAYBE, the spiders are actually attracted to negative energy, and “siphon” it off of your aura because they are a type of transmuter.  That would explain the connection to spider webs, the influence and creation of the dream catcher, and definitely explain the connection to the Torus…the Torus IS the act of transmutation itself.  It cycles and renews all energy, therefore, cleansing it.  Is it possible that these astral spiders are not these big scary parasites that are stealing our energy, and are in fact, only removing the negative energy? Something to think about…”

Morgellons Disease and spiders

Morgellons is a controversial and poorly understood condition in which unusual thread-like fibers appear under the skin. The patient may feel like something is crawling, biting, or stinging all over. Some medical experts say Morgellons is a physical illness. Others suggest it is a type of psychosis called “delusional parasitosis,” in which a person thinks parasites have infected their skin. Your doctor may call it an “unexplained dermopathy,” which means a skin condition that occurs without a known reason. Other medical professionals have dubbed the condition “fiber disease.” Symptoms of Morgellons: Unpleasant skin sensations are the main complaint. People with Morgellons may also complain of: Feeling like bugs are crawling all over the skin, burning or stinging sensations under the skin. Intense itching, skin sores that appear suddenly and heal slowly. Sores that leave very red (hyperpigmented) scars. Some patients report thread-like fibers stuck in the skin. People with Morgellons sometimes complain of other symptoms which may include: difficulty paying attention and concentrating, extreme fatigue, hair loss, joint and muscle pain, nervous system problems, tooth loss, sleep problems and short-term memory loss.

Specimens of these fibers have been sent for analysis and come back as ‘unidentifiable’, or a piece of fiber, non-biological in composition. Some folks are reporting flies, worms, and various parasite-types that somehow hatch and/or are living under the skin and the internet is full of sample specimens documenting these cases.

Morgellons Disease is a multi-system condition characterized by novel skin manifestations and insidious neurological and other systemic symptoms. The distinguishing characteristic of Morgellons is the presence of microscopic subcutaneous fibers. Lighted microscopy (60x) enables the visualization of these unusual fibers, often colored red, blue, white or clear, embedded in open skin lesions as well as their presence beneath completely intact skin. The exact composition of these fibers remains a mystery. “— Case Definition as submitted to the CDC, February 14, 2006

Where are these fibers coming from? Are they spraying something from those chemtrails , Cliff Carnicom thinks so , he presents disturbing findings of “desacated red blood cells” and bio-engineered filaments as fallout from these so-called “geoengineering aerosols”.  Historical documents from the Vietnam War confirm that toxins (Monsanto’s Agent Orange) and weather modification agents were sprayed from military aircraft.  Given the rich history of secret government chemical and biological experiments on humans, it should be no surprise to learn that Morgellons is a product of a self-replicating, bio-engineered filament sprayed from aircraft that also release geoengineering aerosols – aka “chemtrails”.

September 12th 2009. PDX 9/11 truth conference. (Edited from 10 parts) Guest speaker Clifford Carnicom, leading researcher in the “Chemtrail” issue discusses the latest findings and results conducted from his own research over the past 11 years. By his own admission his research is low key by comparison, but the results are staggering which leave some serious questioning to be done.

Excellent German scientist and journalist Harald Kautz Vella with Bases founder Miles Johnston (see his channel below) talks about the planet life blood known as “black goo” and how an alien black goo was brought here to help the alien forces to live on earth, and the Bushes and Angela Merkel have their villas right on top of a massive underground tank of alien black goo! He talks about how an astral projector saw the alien forms inside his body and drew a spider like being with a human looking face! In a separate interview with Harold, Miles Johnston talks about how both he and Harold were attacked by demonic or sub-dimensional spiders, and Harold talks in depth about the science of what they are really doing with chemtrails, also being another confusing mix of perpetrators with differing agendas.

When all kinds of worldwide specimens were examined from me under the microscope, various body structures were visible, such as single black, glassy or colored tubuli or fibers or accumulation of various fibrils, which were even able to group together and form into a homogeneous structure or corpus (synnemata) to create kind of fruiting bodies. Also present were the liquid or semi-liquid protoplasm, blebs, spore-like and individual cysts or bubbles, sporangia, and as well insect-like structures.

Andrew Crosse was an enthusiastic amateur experimenter in the new field of electricity. He decided to induce the development of artificial crystals by subjecting chemicals to prolonged exposure to weak electrical currents. Andrew mixed up some silicate of potash and hydrochloric acid and into this he dropped a fist sized chunk of oxide of iron. By inducing the current from a small battery to trickle through the solution to the oxide of iron, he hoped to bring about the growth of artificial crystals of silica. Having arranged this combination of chemicals and current, Andrew set it aside .Did he accidentally stumble upon an arrangement which created life from inorganic matter? In a paper which he wrote for the London Electrical Society in that same year of 1837, Andrew set down this account of his experience.

He wrote “On the fourteenth day after the commencement of this experiment, I observed through a small magnifying lens a few small whitish specks clustered around the middle of the electrified stone. Four days later these specks had doubled in size and had struck out six or eight fine filaments around each speck . . . the filaments longer than the hemisphere from which they projected. On the 26th day of the experiment, the objects assumed the form of perfect insects, standing erect on the bristles which they were growing. Although I regarded this as most unusual I attached no singular significance to it until two days later, the 28th day of the experiment, when the magnifying lens showed that these things were moving their legs. I must say now that I was quite astonished. After a few more days they detached themselves from the stone and moved about through the caustic acid solution. In the course of a few weeks more than a hundred of them made their appearance on the oxide of iron. Under a microscope I examined them and found that the smaller ones had six legs, the larger ones had eight. Others who have examined them pronounced them to be of the genus acari, but some say they are an entirely new species. I have never ventured an opinion on the cause of their birth for the reason that I have never been able to form one. I thought they might have been airborne creatures that had drifted into the liquid and prospered, but later experiments with closed vessels, in which the ingredients had been purified by baking in the oven, produced identical creatures; therefore, I suggest that they must originate in the electrified liquid by some process unknown to me.”

I am very interested in hearing from anyone with information about these spider beings .

Love alloya

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