Birthed from the womb of the Great Mother Goddess

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The Anu , primordial atom – Navigators of the AbZu – Episode Thirteen

The lightening serpent carries the living light template, through the pyramid of fire at the heart of Orion. The serpent as a laser beam of living light draws a vortex into the plasma field of the Orion Nebula, this vortex turns back upon itself and the Anu is born. The Trapezium of Orion has an eye at its centre, this eye is a portal or vortex, into our local space. This vortex resembles an eye through which the lightening serpent projects its consciousness. The pupil of the eye at the centre of the vortex is the Anu. The Anu folds and forms platonic geometrics within the light body which then manifest as the electron shells of atoms. The Anu can be seen as the universal heart of all living entities, galaxies and the universe itself.