The arrival of the Antari and the gathering of the Star Team part 1.

When I sat down to write the book

“The Antari from Antares”

I had no intention for it to develop into such a huge thing. All I simply wanted to do was write out the information that I’ve compiled over 25 years ago. It had been some time since I have had such an experience with the Antari, even though I work with them in a healing capacity almost daily, channelling them in this way had been far and few between.

At first, I simply rewrote the information that I’ve written back in the 90s. Which, to be perfectly honest had many grammatical errors. However, as I began to rewrite the text something began to happen something that indicated to me that the Antari were on their way. My ears began to ring.

The ringing in the ears for me is a classic sign that I am about to be visited by higher dimensional beings. The Antari have a unique tone which can cause me to stop in my tracks as it is so loud and so all-encompassing that I cannot concentrate on anything. It is not painful, in anyway, but it is extremely intense. This ringing in the ears continued for several days before I became aware that the Antari were moving into my space and dimension.

I began to see them out of the corner of my eye, as well as feeling their presence moving around me. As the days progressed and the ringing continued these experiences continued until I felt beings begin to touch me. I then went through two days of having intense eye flickering, as they downloaded new frequencies into my template. With these new instructions and design, I was then guided to start up recording software, and set my microphone. They then began to channel their high-pitched tones and squeaks and clicks through me. They told me that this would be an Antari upgrade that I was to record over 40 min of this and I was going to be guided in how to structure this in an MP3.

I was like “ok cool “ J

Over the weeks that passed at every available moment these Antari beings, would turn up, and channel these tones through me, and then I will be guided to use software to layer, and arrange the composition. Even though I know how to use the very basics of such software, I was surprised as I seem to be moving into a trance I was doing this work and I seemed to understand the software on a much deeper level than I do when I’m just simply operating as my human self.

I became aware of myself as Antari being, and I became aware of my level of consciousness and how I seem to be able to think in many dimensions. I began to layer sounds upon binaural beats and singing bowls and tuning forks. I was instructed to stay up into the early hours until major parts of this were complete. The entire time I was aware of the Antari moving in and around me using my brain and my DNA to create this work always with a constant symphony of inner ear ringing.

The entire time I was constructing this upgrade I did not feel like my human self, and often went without meals. This I’m quite used to. When the upgrade was complete the Antari would move away as quickly as they came, and I would be put back in solely in my human self. I always feel slightly disconcerted, a little confused and usually very hungry. I was amazed when I listened back to the upgrade, the following morning.

I of course tried out the upgrade on my partner who is my human guinea pig. He still alive to this day. J  He assured me that it was amazing and I was to provide it to my star seed clients.

As this was occurring, the writing of the book and the creating of the upgrades, and the experiencing of the Antari very strongly again in my life, I was also getting very strong messages from many different avenues to tell me that soon some members of my soul family would come into my life. I had several dreams where I was aware of their energy coming towards me, and also did many online tarot readings for myself and in every single one of them they were mentioning the arrival of my soul family. At first I thought this was referring to the Antari themselves. But then I realised with the first meeting of one of my soul family, that this was not the case. The first member of my soul family to arrive during this time was the beautiful being Aley’nah. As you know she is the most incredibly talented artist who painted the picture of the Antari on the cover of my book.

We had spoken for a week or two, but we certainly haven’t spoken about Antari or Mantis beings. On the morning that I was going to put my book onto Lulu using a picture for the cover that was okay but not really what I wanted.   Aley’ nah e-mailed me, telling me that she did this wonderful art and sent two pictures, one of which was this most amazing Mantis being. I realised then that Aley’ nah was one of my soul family. She had the most impeccable timing if she had sent me that picture only 10 minutes later I would’ve already publicised my book with the okay picture for its cover. It is beautiful the synchronisation when you meet a soul family member. She is the most incredible soul and psychic artist.

Aley’nah wasn’t the only person to arrive, many more began to come into my inbox and I began to share the upgrade. My Antari star team began to arrive they brought with them gifts and talents. Aley’ nah was not the only artist another began to send me beautiful artwork of the most amazing geometric shapes and patterns. The Antari explained to me that these patterns were star code designs that I would translate into tones with my voice and the layered recordings, to activate certain dormant star codes within the energetic bodies of those who listened and downloaded the upgrade.

Light language can be translated in many different forms, you can tone light language through the use with high pitched frequencies which is the most preferred way of Antari communication. However sometimes they can translate that into words that I can write them down as text but this is rarer. The Antari much preferred to play with frequency, tone and colour. Every sound can also be turned into a mathematical formula, and a geometric shape or pattern. At the same time that the Antari were channelling all these high-pitched tones through me and I was creating the upgrade, Marco began to have downloads of light language which he expressed through his creative outlet, which is to be an artist. So at the same time as I was being downloaded the sound frequencies, he was being downloaded the geometric pictorials.

Check out Marco’s work

Shortly after the Upgrade had been on the shelves so to speak the reviews started coming in.

There is now an Antari Facebook Page and private group for all those of you who have purchased the level one upgrade and would like to share with your star team.

This is only the first of several articles I intend to write about the Antari and the gathering of the Star Team.

This series of articles will include the work of others as they take up their positions at the helm of the Antari starship..

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Love Alloya