The Body Consciousness

The body is an amazing vehicle of consciousness, which is often unappreciated for its capabilities. Many look at it, as if it is just a lump of flesh which carries their consciousness around the physical third dimensional plane. There are few who really know how to appreciate the physical form. Humans do not see the body for the amazing vehicle that it is, a vehicle that enables their minds and souls to traverse the physical plane in which they live. They see the body as a vehicle and nothing else. Many of you who are into new age subjects talk to your Souls, as you can accept that the Soul has a mind and conscious intelligence that you can talk to, but you would not consider striking up a conversation with your body, as you cannot believe that the body has a mind, a voice, an intelligence of its own. We see the mind as superior and the body inferior, even though we do not fully understand the body and the way it functions, does not mean that the body is at fault. Yet we blame it anyway. The presence of divinity in the physical body is not seen. The Universal Dreamer created all that is present in the universe with its divine love and light, therefore the Universal Dreamer also created the wonders that are present inside the human physical form. Yet this fact is forgotten and the body is often seen as a hindrance to the progression of the Soul, here on the Earth. Many perform abstinence from bodily pleasures; they try to control the body through restriction and limits. They are trying to by pass the body to take them to more heavenly realms. This only makes them become separate to their body consciousness and feelings and they then live their lives as half beings. The transformation that is happening on the planet is asking that all transform to a higher dimension as whole beings, to not be separated in the mind, emotions, spirit or body. So it is time now that Humans began to appreciate the body for the divine vehicle that it is.

Many people think that their Souls are inside their bodies, that this is so how it is from their birth, but this is not true, many do not have their Souls present in their bodies. It can take years to fully integrate the Soul into the body. The Soul operates at a frequency of divine love; the body needs to also operate from this frequency for the Soul to feel at home inside the body. If the Soul was to come down into a body that was vibrating at a very low rate, it would move the person into a deep and challenging process of transformation (please see the section entitled “Process “.) The high energy of the Soul would call all that was in the cells of the body , which was negatively holding back the progression of the person along their spiritual path, to the surface to be seen and healed and transformed. This process would in someone who had a very negative energy inside their body, cause them to heal in a very challenging way. It would call that person into a very deep and intense detoxification process; this would put great strain on their physical and emotional body.

The Soul and the body need to be vibrating at a similar frequency in order for there to be a merging of their energies for them to become one. The Soul is obviously operating at a higher rate than the body, but if the gap between them is too great then the merging will not happen. When the distance between the Soul and the Body is not so great then the Soul can come closer and closer to the body until it begins to integrate. There is a lot you can do to aid this process, not only can you work with various processes to integrate the soul but you can do a lot with the body to open it to higher energies and bring it into a frequency of love , so that it is better prepared for the arrival of the Soul. The body is the temple of the soul or it is supposed to be, many do not look at their body in this way. It is not enough to eat a healthy diet or exercise to bring the body to a level where it can work with the Soul, it is important to bring love into the physical form. Loving your body is the key.

Humans are very mind orientated in their focus, because of this orientation they are rather dissociated from their bodies. This dissociation from the body is the inflicted curse of the modern western consciousness. Tribal nature based people have more of a connection with their bodies, however most of Humanity operates solely from their heads, and thus they are not only cut off from the energies inside the cells of their bodies, but they are also cut off from the energy of the planet itself. We live in our bodies but we do not love in our bodies. The love is the binding energy which merges the body’s energy and the Soul’s energy together. The love energy opens the cells of the body so that the soul can slip inside and take up residence inside the body and thus bring the vibration of the body to a level where it can permanently house the energy of the Soul. This is enlightenment. There are very few who are at this level, this is because we in the west are in the consciousness of separation. There is not only a separation between the head and the body, but a separation between the people who live upon the planet and the planet itself. With such a separation in consciousness occurring between Humans and the planet, is it any wonder Humans cannot feel the error of their ways and pollute and abuse the planet with little conscience. They simply cannot feel how wrong it is. If the gap between the body and the soul was overcome, not only would we see whole beings on the earth, but we would see people who had a deep connection to the planet too. They would feel and understand that they were an intricate part of the Gaia consciousness, they would see her body and theirs as one, and they would then find it impossible to abuse the earth, as they would feel the pain of the planet inside their bodies.

The western focus creates a belief that the mind is superior and the body inferior. Because of this there are few who choose to seek enlightenment by following the body’s evolutionary path. Many will look to the mind and even the emotional body for inspiration to guide them along their spiritual paths, but it is rare to find one who chooses to follow the wisdom which is inherent in the cells of the body. There is a saying which states “there are many roads back to God”, the path of the evolution of the body is but one of those paths, yet it is often forgotten. There were times in the very distant past when Humans lived lives totally in their bodies, they were deeply rooted into their bodies and because of this, they were also connected to the earth itself. They did not perceive the body as being a separate entity and thus they had an understanding that they were a part of the earth. They knew that it was an alive, conscious being, which is divine. They did not see the earth as just a lump of rock; no they saw it as the Goddess of all Creation.

Because of their focus they did not disrespect the body or the Earth. They saw the earth as the supplier of food, oxygen, water and etherical energy. They saw the earth as the Mother of all creation. They worshipped her in ways that were in harmony with the body, seeing the body as an extension of the Mother’s body. This focus gave rise to religions which were nature based and in harmony with the planet and the planet’s consciousness Gaia. These religions rained supreme for many years, there have been caves paintings found depicting the Goddess, dating back to the times of Neathandral man. When Christianity spread across the planet many of these religions were wiped out. Mankind no longer had its connection to the body, seeing it as lowly, like an animal, and thus Humanity’s connection to the planet was severed. Man began to consider itself to be outside of nature and no longer followed the laws of nature. Humans began to rape and abuse the planet until we see it as it is today. Ever day more of the rain forest is being destroyed; man simply sits back and watches. If the same atrocity was happening to one of their family, one of their loved ones, they would be outraged and demand that it stop.

Humanity does not see their bodies as an extension of the earth’s body, and therefore they cannot feel what it means to destroy the rainforests. Just as Humans give little loving thought to the planet, they also give their bodies little thought and only give it their attention when it does not function in the way they want it to. They seldom appreciate its strengths and only focus on its weaknesses; they complain when it gets ill or tired, and blame it for preventing them from doing all the things they want it to do. Humans live hectic and fast paced lifestyles in these modern times, so therefore they ask so much more of the body, working long hours, playing hard, feeding it contaminated foods and water, refusing the body exercise, as they would rather sit around and watch television, refusing to rest, when their body demands it. Seldom do they recognise the body for the amazing vehicle of consciousness that it is and give it the care and consideration that it needs and deserves. They cannot hear the voice of the planet and therefore they cannot hear what it is that their bodies need either. They begrudgingly take up healthy eating, and complain about how they are not allowed the things they crave such as sweets, and fatty foods, they see the body as an enemy in the situation. Do they not realise that in order to live a healthy and happy life, they need to make friends with their bodies and not see it as the enemy.

Negative belief systems about the physical body are programmed into the cells by the thoughts and ideas that have been learnt by parents, peers and society as a whole. Many of earth religions teach Humans to fear the processes of the body, and thus they then fear death, and therefore they also fear life. With these belief systems running in the background of their consciousness, is it any wonder they live their lives full of disease and illness. Is it any wonder that they are inherently unhappy in their bodies? Beliefs create your reality and your creation of the body is no exception, what you think about your body you will create. If you think you are fat then you will be fat and the same goes for thinking yourself well and healthy, if you have healthy thoughts and feelings then you will manifest for yourself a happy and healthy body.

All diseases have their source in the subconscious mind; this is where they are first formed in as a negative thought form. That thought form is then fed by negative emotions that are associated with the thought. This then becomes a pattern of consciousness that is negative. This pattern begins to manifest in the energetic body. The energetic body is made up of patterns of light and sound, when they are in harmony the energetic body, it functions correctly and thus the physical body is then healthy. When there are negative patterns present, the energetic body cannot function correctly and ill health is the result. The negative pattern that is the root cause of the disease or illness affects the energetic body negatively because the devolutionary pattern is not in harmony with the rest of the patterns that make up the energy body. The presence of this negative pattern lowers the energy of the energetic body and it begins to drop in vibration. The negative pattern can then manifest itself in the physical body. If you could look inside of a single cell of the body you would see a complex pattern, intricate in design, you will also see these same patterns mirrored in the cells of plants and even the snowflake. It is nature’s beauty mirrored in all living matter. If these patterns take on a disharmonious form then they disturb and affect all the surrounding patterns within the form or energetic body, this eventually becomes ill health.

Christianity teaches us that the body is created from the filth of the Earth, and that when we are born through the body of our mothers we are then born in sin, we are born sinners simply because we have a physical form. The processes of our bodies are considered disgusting, especially sex. Even in (what we consider to be) our liberal society sex is still considered dirty. Sex is the most incredible and amazing expression of our divinity yet even those who consider themselves to be without prejudice or judgement around sex, are still operating from the limited programming that is held in the cells of the body. Those who are not prudish are considered to be rebellious and promiscuous by others in society. To be free with your sexuality and its expression is seen by others are being rebellious, naughty and living on the edge. Many use this as a shock tactic to impress others with their sexual prowess. Either way sex is not honoured for being that amazing expression of love that it is meant to be.

The body has a consciousness of its own; it has thoughts and feelings independent of the conscious mind and the impulses of the emotional body. There are many in the new age circles who work on themselves on an emotional and mental level , ridding themselves of negative emotions and thoughts, however they do not look at working with the physical body unless it complains through illness and then and only then do they seek out physical healing. We look at lots of different ways to improve our selves, on an emotional, mental and spiritual level but the only improvement that we bring to the physical body is in the areas of healthier eating and exercise to make ourselves more desirable or live longer. We do not think that you can improve the body or evolve the body into being something more than it currently is. We think we can improve its overall health and fitness but that is all.

Our body responds to our thoughts and feelings. If we think that we have an unhealthy body then it becomes ill, we all know about the power of positive thought for healing the body of its ills. The body listens intensely to the thoughts of the conscious mind and responds and creates itself around the ideas that are formed by the conscious mind. Those of you who are dieting to lose weight will know that when you are focused on the diet and your need to become slimmer, you lose weight very slowly and without much success. You envy those who seem to be able to eat what they like without putting on an inch. That is because they are not focused on how fat they are, how heavy they are. They enjoy their food and their life. Dieting is a vicious circle, a delusional merry go round which once you step upon it you can never get off.

Weighing yourself only affirms to your conscious mind that you are over weight and you need to restrict and control your appetitive in order to see yourself weighing lighter on the scales. Dieting and watching your weight only adds on the pounds because you are constantly reaffirming to the body that you are too fat .The body listens to everything you think about it and then creates itself from the thoughts that it is hearing. If you affirm to your body that it is fat, then it will create more fat to give you the body that you are saying you have. Affirmations whether positive or negative are not recognised by the body, it is neutral in its judgements and only creates and creates. The secret is to think yourself thin, think yourself slim and think yourself beautiful.

The body is constantly changing, the body you have now is not the same body you had seven years ago. The cells are constantly dying and new ones are growing to replace them. Every seven years you have a completely new body. So why are you recreating the same body over and over again? You negatively think about yourself habitually. You have been taught by your parents and later society to mistrust the processes of the body and limit is capabilities, you were taught that you cannot change your body and therefore you recreate yourself anew in the same fat and ugly mould over and over again. The cells of your body are incredible they have the ability to change themselves and re-modify themselves. Cancer is the body modifying itself to bring itself into alignment with the barrage of negative thoughts and feelings that flood the body.

What would happen if we had much more evolved thoughts about the body, thoughts that would bring it to another dimensional level of consciousness? Is it possible to change the body, to allow it to be something amazing and recognised for being an incredible entity in its own right?

Listen to the small voice of your body and after some time it will become louder and louder until you will be able to communicate directly with your body. Once you have set up this line of communication you will be able to follow the wisdom which is inherent inside everyone’s body. This wisdom comes from the earth itself, the consciousness which is the Goddess. Listen to her whispering inside your bones, telling you stories in rhythm and myth. Feel her emotions and feelings as your heart pumps its message around your body. Feel her feeding you from inside, allowing you to grow into something much more. You are evolving on all levels, the physical included. Give your body the love, support and freedom of expression that it needs to be fully itself. Do not limit the impulses that come from the body wisdom, do not resist the desires, follow the hunches that gnaw in your belly. Follow the intuitive voice of the Goddess within you and she will bring you to a new wondrous reality.

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