The Energy of Truth

What is the energy of Truth?
Truth is an energy that comes directly from the Source itself. It is a beam of information in light coming from the Source and facilitated by your Soul to enter your body and bring about an amazing transformation. This transformation goes on, on all the levels of creation, it affects every dimensional level that makes up this universe. Truth is not a concept that is created by the mind, or the emotions. It is not a decision of the mind or the emotions to decide what is truthful and what is not, it is an energy that is beyond the confines of the mind, it operates in the higher dimensions of the Soul and Spirit. What is truth to the ego of the human consciousness may not be in alignment with the soul’s perspective. Truth is the perspective of your Soul and Spirit, which calls all energies into their rightful place in this dimensional reality, we call universe.

e create our own reality and therefore from the perspective of our soul, there is only one ultimate truth, and that is that we are part of the Source and therefore we are divine creators of our own reality. When we are looking at an issue (using the transformation process that I as Alloya work with), we can move into deep and often painful and limiting emotions and thoughts, these are the manifestation of an illusion we have created for ourselves, we can fool ourselves into believing that we are victims of our own reality. This is an illusion that we are choosing to play in our outside reality, in our truth we are the creator of our own reality and therefore we cannot be a victim. The soul’s perspective is that it creates everything that we experience and whether it is good or bad, it is not to be judged but simply experienced. The energy of Truth brings into your body and awareness the realisation that you create your own reality and are never a victim but a powerful and divine creator. Truth can be used as an intense healing tool; it calls all energies back to their original expression. When the Source first breathed out its creation, it allowed freewill, the Source allowed all of its creations to develop along lines of their own choosing. Since this ancient time, the forms of the Source’s creations have changed beyond recognition. The Source has now sent out into the universe the energy of Truth to bring all forms of creation back in alignment with their original divine expression.

Here on the third dimension we as humans can experience this healing energy of Truth to change our perspective on our life and self, we can use the Transformation Process to release the illusions in our belief systems and energy body, which holds negativity in the body. During the process waves of Truth move into your body, this energy is brought to you and facilitated into your body by your Soul. This Truth will not only clear the negativity from the body, it will also bring the positive energy from the higher dimensions of your Soul into your body. This is when the real transformation goes on, it is not only, that you have just released your negativity and become lighter, you are achieving so much more than that. You are actually changing the vibration of the atoms of your body. Every time you bring the energy of Truth into your body, you are transforming the atomic vibration of your body; you are literally ascending the body’s vibration into a higher frequency.

During the Transformation Process it is possible to move into communication with your soul, you may communicate through words, pictures, and feelings to allow you a deeper understanding of the process. You can have access to a wisdom and perspective, which is more highly evolved, than the one the human personality often has. The Soul knows the Truth about you, which is basically that you are an aspect of the Creator, expressing yourself as a multidimensional being, existing in many dimensions at once. Your Human expression is only one of many, and you in this aspect are a powerful, creative, divine being of Light. With this perspective in your body, your body has no alternative than to heal and transform. It is impossible to buy into the illusion of being a victim of your own life and lives, when you are aware of how you chose it and why. Your soul will bring you back your power, your creativity and your sense of being divine. You will transform!