The Frog and the Waters of Life.

A week before my Ayahuasca Ceremony I went outside and discovered a dead and flattened frog in the driveway. Seeing this dead frog made me think it had a message for me. So I went inside and researched what the symbolism of the frog is in the Native American Indian tradition. It was all about water as you can imagine and I thought at the time it must be about me not drinking enough water.

During my Ayahuasca Ceremony Mother Ayahuasca gave me a deep lesson about the waters of life. How I needed to nourish myself and I was dehydrated. I was guided to drink only sips of the water whilst in the ceremony. I think she must have changed the energy of the water because when I drank it, it took me even deeper into my process. It was strong and worked in my body.
When the lesson was complete all of a sudden a techni-coloured frog suddenly entered my vision. He started to dance the most amazing dance, and I realised he was my dead frog bought back to life. When he finished dancing he said to me” I am not a bad mover for a frog “.