The Great Lament- Alloya



Lost in the mists of time

Only remembered in story and rhythm.

Cast from a branch of a tree

Cast adrift on a lonesome sea.

Elves mighty and tall

We towered above them all.

Bodies strong and true

Elven through and through.

Lost in the Great Forest, listening to the moss as it grows

We heard a distance call, summoning one and all.

To feel the great gate close trapping those that chose

To stay in middle earth becoming part of the rock and turf.

Many were slain in the Great War between elves and men

A shadow cast across them all no longer were we radiant as before the fall

Many used dark magic when the light was spent

Many fell into darkness, even though it was well meant

Kings and queens did meet in secret glen and many a song was written

Sung by those who had the light of the great tree

Sindar, Lindar and Teleri

And more sailed to the blessed shore, to the undying lands

Where the warrior is healed, and the lovers reunited, and the blind resighted.

We lived the way of the silver branch

Our vows written in the stone of the Henge

For some of us all we wanted was revenge

Dark elves with evil eyes

Cast abroad their cunning spies to gather knowledge that could be used to destroy the tree

Darkness fell upon that day, some did scream or so they say

When the key was turned in the lock

And those accused had left the dock

To cast in darkness for ever more until their brethren unlocked the door.

To hear our cries of lament, thousands of years in this we have spent

Locked away in the bowels of hell, never to find forgiveness in the place we dwell

Please release us from our imprisonment and our trial

For our case we wish to place a file

Our plea, our bargain, whatever you perceive

Is our only reprieve

So please look into your elven heart

And let us have a brand new start

Where Elvin kin of either side

Put away their jealous pride

And embrace their kin with open arms

And speak of only elven psalms

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