Birthed from the womb of the Great Mother Goddess

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Time to Awaken- Navigators of the AbZu – Episode 1

“Navigators of the AbZu”, guides the reader through the dimensional universe, introducing them to new and ground breaking scientific teachings. Readers of my work will notice that it is very different to my previous books, it is more science based. I was never interested in science at school I found it boring, limited and basically incorrect in many of my observations. I never thought I would find science interesting until I had an encounter with a Serpent Goddess called Ananda Hari. Ananda Hari guided me to find a scientific perspective on what I was experiencing, as I walked my spiritual path.

In the beginning there was only the void, a sea of undefined, un-manifest potential, the ocean of the Nagual.
No one knows when or why this happened but all of a sudden the Universal Dreamer became conscious.
The Dreamer awoke, causing its attention to form a dimple in the plasma field, which span back upon itself and created a ring, from which many waves were formed.
Two such waves did cross, from their centre; the womb of the all creation was brought into being.
The spin increased until a magnetic ripple (caused by the electrical focus of the Universal Dreamer’s attention), could be seen to form into a magnetic wave.

Serpent was the first beam of light that radiated from the abyss of divine mystery.