Time to Awaken !


Time to Awaken!

“Now is the time to awaken, awaken from the dream.
You have been sleeping in a dreamlike hypnotic trance.
Now is the time to wake up from this slumber.
And remember your journey thus far.”- Ananda Hari

There is a consciousness shift happening within the human collective, a shift into a new paradigm, a new way of being. This has been written about by many, the internet is full of information about this transformation. We are waking up and are beginning to experience the many levels of our being. We have been locked into only perceiving the third dimension and have been indoctrinated to believe that is all there is. As we awaken we are becoming conscious multi-dimensionally; we are waking up to our magnificence, as we come to know the different levels of our divine consciousness. We are not limited personalities only living one life here on the earth, we are so much more than we can currently imagine. We live locked within a third dimensional perspective because we are focused in the five senses. Our senses have been high jacked and are thus being controlled by an invisible electromagnetic Net which permeates our world. This Net creates the illusion in which we live; through this our consciousness is limited and controlled. This Net controls our sense of self, it gives us false ideas about who we are and through these belief systems we are herded along a corridor of three dimensions and only see one small bandwidth of Universal Reality.

We are taught from the day we are born that this is the only true reality, that there is nothing more. We are indoctrinated into thinking that we only have one life, and operate from a subconscious programmed belief that reincarnation is not real. We are taught that there is no life after death and we are not eternal Souls, it seems in our modern times we are devoid of anything divine. We are taught how NOT to love our self and we are taught that imagination is only for children. Because of this programming we are locked into the third dimension and have no awareness of the other dimensions, which are only a slight shift in perspective away and accessible to us.

We are not limited Humans living only one life, in one dimension, we are truly multidimensional beings, who reside in one form or another on each of the dimensions which make up the Universe. In truth there are an infinite amount of dimensions, however our Human minds cannot comprehend infinity, so therefore I use a twelve dimensional model in order to act as a framework for our understanding. The Godhead, the Source, the Universal Dreamer resides upon the twelfth dimension and we as Human Beings reside on the third dimension. We are made up of many dimensional selves we have an aspect of our overall consciousness on each of the dimensions. On the twelfth dimension we have no individuality, we do not experience ourselves as separate from the Source and in this state we are part of the Oneness. On the third dimension we experience ourselves as dense physical beings, living in a physical world, or so it seems.

We are so much more than just one Human life, one personality, one Soul expression; there is more to us that meets the eye, for we have a self or aspect on each dimension. On the other levels we have an expression of self which may chose a very different body, or form to the one we currently inhabit. We are so much more than just physical beings with concepts of the Source; we are multidimensional beings who reside in one form or another, on each of the dimensions which make up our Universal Reality. It is now we are to awaken from our slumber and begin to travel and experience these other dimensions and integrate the energy signature of the selves which reside on these planes. By making these journeys we are actively allowing a transformation to occur, as this process allows for the true integration of the Multidimensional Self into form, this is what I call Complete Incarnation. We can have an experience of all our other dimensional selves, whilst we mediate, dream and dance, any form of altered state that quietens our rational mind, gives us the opportunity to dance within the other dimensions to meet our Soul Self.

By travelling through the various dimensions I have been able to familiarise myself which each dimension to the point of meeting the self upon that level, through which my Divine Self manifests. Over time I passed many initiations and tests, the result of which was a deep and profound healing on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I came to realise that the beings I was meeting and interacting with on each dimension, were in fact my other selves, each of the selves came together to create a multidimensional identity –which is Alloya, the Monad of my Soul, the divine mind of my Multidimensional Identity.

Taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monad_ (philosophy)
“Monad (from Greek μονάς monas, “unit” from μόνος monos, “alone”), according to the Pythagoreans, was a term for Divinity or the first being, or the totality of all beings, Monad being the Source or the One meaning without division.”

Over many years I went through an intense and detailed integration process, where I integrated each self in turn, learning the lessons and gaining the skills of each self. As I integrated each self I was given a brief history of each self’s adventures in the Universe and was able to read my Soul’s records that came with each of the integrations. As this process continued I became aware that I was activating dormant codes which were hidden in the DNA. Often whilst in meditation I became aware of the insertion of Star Codes within my developing Light Body. These Star Codes looked like complex snowflake patterns which came into my being carried by photonic waves of light. Synchronised with the insertion of the star codes, the activation of DNA and the retrieval of Soul data, I was able to create for myself a Light Body which had the ability to carry all the Star Codes of all the different races, species and entities that made up my multidimensional identity. I realised as I integrated each self and it’s Star Code that I was also inserting into my light body the information of each of the races I represented. I realised that I had come to Earth to find a way of healing, balancing, evolving and rescuing many fallen races, which were running out of time to heal their karmic imbalances, because of a universal dynamic which had been called into play, Universal Completion.

The Universe has been called into completion and a grand recalibration awaits all those who are ready. A big part of the preparation for such an event, demands the healing of all imbalance within the Universe. We are being called within our Universal Reality to transform all that is out of balance, and move into true harmony, so that the completion of the Universe can begin. Only those people on earth who have all Star Codes present will be able to take the journey into the void to create a new Universe, a new Universal Reality, this is an opportunity for a group of beings whose role it is to create new Universes. You are one of those who are taking this special journey; you are in the process of integrating the energies and codes of your various selves here into the Human experience. You are awaking from the dream! As we integrate our selves and activate our Star Codes within the Light Body, we will come to remember who we really are and why we are here on the earth at this important time.

Over time to represent each dimension, I met, interacted and later integrated twelve selves to represent the twelve dimensions. The energy signatures of each self-merged into one and triggered a development process within my Light Body, this process enabled the building of the ability to embody my multidimensional self, to be able to walk the earth in Complete Incarnation. Once the Light Body was complete I was then directed to anchor to the Gaian Matrix which is held by the consciousness of the Goddess Gaia and creates our Earth reality. My full presence upon the planet would trigger a transformation of consciousness and vibrational perspective allowing all on Earth the ability to see into other dimensions. The Star Codes that I was inserting into my Light Body held within them massive amounts of data which Gaia required in order to complete her journey of transformation. As I anchored into the Matrix, Gaia was then able to read the information that my Star Codes carried and use this information to further her mission. She sent a request out to all those who could listen for volunteers to come to Earth and incarnate into the Human story and aid her from within the system. There is a law of none interference in the Universe, which states that one species, cannot interfere with a less evolving species, however just like on Earth there are always beings who do not abide by laws. To get around this law, the Councils of Light residing on the upper levels came up with the plan to incarnate upon Earth many highly evolved beings to aid Gaia from within, to free the prison planet.

Earth is a prison planet, in the fact there is an energy barrier set around the planet which prevents information and awareness to come into our Human reality from other dimensions and other places in the Universe. This barrier is an electromagnetic fence which beings of a negative orientation placed around Earth during the fall of Atlantis to control and manipulate the Matrix Reality we live in. When we first come to Earth and wish to incarnate we have full access to our Soul records and know who we are, why we have come to Earth and so on, however when we pass through the barrier it wipes our memory clean and we have no memory of who we are and do not even know we are on a mission until we begin to awaken. When we die and reincarnate we have the memory of our past lives erased and along with them the lessons we may have learnt and therefore we are destined to repeat the same old mistakes over and over. We are held under a hypnotic trance by this barrier and therefore only operate with minimum awareness. However since the time of the 21st of December 2012, the galactic pulse of energy coming from the Galactic Core is weakening this barrier and more information is coming through, we will see a great awakening of Soul and Mind during the next years due to the dissolving of this barrier.

Through the weakening of this barrier information Star Codes are able to pass through without distortion and we are now able to venture out into the space and time of our reality, as we have the navigation tools in which to travel this Multidimensional Universe. Each Star Code is also a map, a set of instructions and co-ordinates enabling us to travel the Multidimensional Universal Reality or dream of the Universal Dreamer. As you travel the complexity of your Multidimensional Creation, you will meet only Yourself. On each dimension I met a defined character who expressed itself within a form which was appropriate for its dimension. On the lower levels I met Beings who resided in dense physically perceivable forms , however as I made my way ascending the dimensional ladder I met more and more selves inhabiting bodies of light, becoming so ethereal that they no longer existed in a form which my Human mind could fully understand.
As each self and its Star Code settled into its allotted place within my Light Body, I could see the tree of life building. Each self nestled itself into one of the chakras which ran along the spine. As each self inserted its codes into these sacred places in my Light Body, the double of my physical form, I watched as the chakra itself transformed. It no longer resembled a vortex leaking energy from my auric field; it now became a multifaceted jewel, each chakra becoming more complex in geometric design as they ascended the spine. Each one looked like a more complex prism that the chakra below until the crown chakra began to blossom in multi- faceted diamond. Each self became a light upon the tree of life, only they were not powered, they were still dim. To illuminate these selves within my physical form I needed a power Source, an electrical charge which would fire my Light Vehicle into action. Where was the electricity to power this Light Body, this vehicle for multidimensional travel?

The Serpent of Light sleeps at the base of the spine awaiting the time when all the aspects are integrated and the Vehicle of Light is built , then and only then will the Silver Serpent rise in the form and take all to completion. Divine Kundalini, Goddess of the Blue Flame is waiting for the time to rise from her dormant abode to take back the bodies which once danced in her passion. Silver Serpent is waiting for that day when she can ignite each of the power centres of the body in turn. As she ascends the body and ignites each chakra in turn she will trigger the development of a new Light Body form. This Vehicle of Light has been designed by a consciousness which resides on the sixth dimension of our twelve dimensional Universe. This is the place of all blueprints; everything that is manifest upon the lower dimensions is first designed upon the 6th dimension by beings who look like giant fractal Dragons. They are the keepers of the sacred geometry which is at the core of our physically manifest existence. The Dragons are made up of geometry itself and have the ability to design templates for all that is formed on the lower levels. Every tree, stone, planet, star and even a Human Being are first formed as an idea in geometric form upon the 6th dimension by this Dragon consciousness.

The Dragons have designed a blueprint for the new Light Body you will exist in once you have moved into this new Universal Reality. It will enable you not only to travel interdimensionally and multidimensionally, it will enable a process of transformation to occur for all races within the known Universe. Time has no relevance on other dimensions and therefore it is impossible to put a time frame upon this development, in one perspective it has already occurred. It is possible to tune into your future self and glimpse your future possibility of creating a new Universal Reality with all races held in perfect balance and harmony, with the added experience of all that went before. There are many races in the Universe who have distorted their Light Bodies to such an extent that they no longer have the ability to move into perfect fractal synergy with the rest of the Universe, this is what is known as Fallen. These races no longer have the ability to move into the Oneness as a result of the completion of our Universe. The Universal Dreamer as it awakens within its dream, all aspects will awaken also and many will come to realise that they do not have the ability to complete, before the compression of the fractal of our Universe compresses to a single point. As this process of completion occurs all races with distorted Light Bodies will burn up in the compression and cease to be. The Universal Dreamer does not want to lose any part of itself to unconsciousness and therefore designed a point in time whereby Souls of high calibre would come to earth and insert within themselves all the codes of every race within the Universe. They were to find a way of bringing balance and perfection to the Light Body , by creating a new blueprint upon the 6th dimension , Dragon beings created the Light Body of the Super Hybrid , a being who could hold within it all the codes of the Universe .

You are this Super Hybrid, you have the ability to integrate each of the selves which represent your Soul on each of the levels of this Universe, and in fact is your mission thus far. Once completed you will bring all that you represent into balance and then we will take the idea of this Super Being into our new Universal Reality and will eventually manifest a form in which many different beings can then incarnate into, to experience a new reality, a new Universe. Many of the high dimensional beings are Creators in their own right, and create forms on the lower levels, which once fully sentient then act as vehicle for these higher dimensional beings. These higher dimensional beings incarnate into these vehicles and manifest themselves upon lower and lower dimensions. We are creating and embodying a new Light Body blueprint which will create a form, through which these higher dimensional beings or selves can then incarnate, this is also integration. All selves will be able to walk into this new reality if integrated, that way we are taking the whole Universe upon its completion into a new paradigm.

We are integrating all selves to a single point and taking that point or seed through the zero that lies at the heart of all of Creation, once through we will be in the void, where we will plant this seed within its fertile soil and watch as a new Universe is formed, one evolved from the completion of the previous Universe. As a Flower of Life it will grow to form a brand new Universal Reality, one where all is in perfection, where the Fallen have been reconnected to the Source of all love, the Universal Dreamer. Through this process we are creating within our Light Body a fractal pattern which represents the completion of this Universe and all that exist within it. By creating this fractal pattern within our Light Body we are creating a new template via our 6th dimensional selves. This new blueprint makes a process like this possible; we will take this new template with us, through a portal in the centre of the Earth, which will take us through the zero into the void. Once through we will recreate ourselves more than the sum of its parts and create a brand new way of being. From this initial seeding we will then watch as a new Universal Reality will be formed in the plasma of the void.
There are many ways you can kick start the process of integration, by reading this text you can be self-assured that you are already on your way. Your Soul has plans for you, and is guiding you from within the subconscious mind. You will be drawn to research many avenues of learning, triggering memories as you go. I provide Soul readings for a small fee, to give you an idea of the aspects that may make up your multidimensional identity. The readings provide a trigger for this process to begin. You can find my Soul reading information by following this link: http://www.alloya.com/Soul-readings.html I also provide weekend workshops all designed around this idea of integration, check them out by following this link: http://www.alloya.com/Seminars.html
There are many creative ways of opening up to your Multidimensional Identity; here is a structured process which is simple yet if done correctly very powerful indeed. It is a means of triggering the beginning of your own healing and integration of self.
How to Integrate your Multidimensional Consciousness

Here is a simple but extremely effective way to aid the integration process, allowing you to integrate into your physical body the energies that make up your multi-dimensional consciousness. You can literally breathe in these energies into the very cells of your body, your DNA.
Integration process

1) Sit down, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
2) Allow your body to relax, and allow your mind to become clear. Put out the intention to your Soul that you are now ready to integrate your first aspect. This calls in the energy of your Soul and allows it to assist you in removing blocks to be able to integrate your aspects.
3) Your Soul is building in the air around you, do not worry if you do not see it, it is about a relationship between your Soul and your body, you head does not need to get it. The neutral energy of life force that is present in the air is now being programmed with the energy of your Soul.
4) Begin to breathe it in. Breathe it into every single cell of your body.
5) As you do so it will begin to agitate anything within you, which stands in the way of integrating your aspects. Your emotions will rise, as will your fears.
6) Notice any discomfort in your body, take your awareness into this place and breathe in the energy of your Soul into this place. Allow the energy of your Soul to experience it with you. Your Soul is a high frequency, the blocks, the fears, a low frequency, by breathing in Soul you are surfacing your blocks and removing them.
7) Allow the emotions to be cleared any way they need to. You may cry, breathe deeper, just allow. You will notice your issues that are connected to each aspect coming up, clearing, and taking you deeper and deeper.
8) Once you have cleared that which stands in the way of integrating you will notice yourself becoming quieter; you’re breathing regulating. Now is the time to integrate.
9) Tune into your Soul once more and breathe in the new frequency that your Soul brings.
10) You may get images, words, or simply feelings as you integrate this new aspect of self. Just be aware.
11) Stay open until your Soul shows you, you are complete. Be guided by your intuition as to how often you should do this process and enjoy becoming the new, whole you.
It is that simple.

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