Toltec, Atlantean, Elven Teacher – Elizabeth Silva

Providing information through intuitive/psychic readings is my idea of fun. Discovering who people really are in all their multi-dimensional glory and helping them find the puzzle pieces they need to fulfill their desires is like finding buried treasure!

Describing what I do is not so easy however. Often people, including psychics look at me with a puzzled expression and ask me how did I know that – how did I know the words someone said to them? Telepathy, I say, or sometimes I call it the “cosmic google”. Every reading is different, with no way of predicting which of my skills and tools will be used until you let me know what it is you are seeking. Non-judgmental neutrality and an open mind takes me wherever I need to go to find the answers. Sometimes the information is specific to dealing with 3D earth practicalities. Other times I travel in consciousness to other dimensions or star systems. Telepathic conversation with the subconscious is another useful methodology. Astrology, numerology and a wide range of researched knowledge are also part of my repertoire. Spiritual information interlinks with the mundane, allowing transformation from the unwanted to the wanted. Readers and healers are often the ones who come to me.

Lifetimes in the Elven realms and as a carrier of what is known as the Toltec teachings give me valuable perspectives to draw upon. Elves are the elders of humans – coming before the human race in linear time. Before they left this dimension, they were wisdom teachers and advisors in both spiritual and mundane matters for the younger human race. The Elves value the natural world and the magic and beauty within it – a world of ease and grace, giving time for expanding the spirit within the material realm, making it a heaven on earth. Toltecs carry the encoded knowledge of how to escape the Matrix. They are warriors of freedom. This knowledge was carried by Atlanteans who left their sinking continent. They settled in South America, influencing those among the Toltec peoples who had the consciousness to receive this knowledge. From South America the knowledge travelled to many cultures on earth, including Tibet and the vast lands of Russia.

Each carrier of theToltec codes is unique in his or her way of applying the intent of the knowledge, so that controllers cannot instill dogma and make it into a religion. Those who carry the Toltec codes slip through barriers avoiding fixity of personal identity. Most of all I am working with the Dragons who are coming back to earth now to assist in the birthing process of those ready to go into higher dimensions. I am offering an invitation for you to connect with them. These are beautiful powerful beings, guardians and teachers, conduits of the Mother’s bountiful blessings. The Dragons want to end this profile with a bit of advice and a blessing: “Learn to actualize your fondest dreams, feeling and seeing their reality – for that is the path to freedom. May you all find what you seek!”

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Just ahead  I see a welcoming light

Alive it is and sentient.
The Fae are seeing me Home
Never again shall I go astray
No adventure could be as beckoning 
as this – my return Home
I hold open the door …wider than my predecessors
For I wish all who were lost in man’s land to find the way Home
Dark elves you are loved beyond measure
Without your service in the sad swamps of man’s making
We could not now be whole again.
Light elves welcome and embrace you, the returning heros.
Rejoice, rejoice, dance as if your limbs are immortally young and beautiful again, for as you dance they are restored.
I toss into the sweet air my cells atoms, molecules, skin and bones
releasing my frozen light into the realm 
for the restoration of the land means everything 
Never again shall a tree,a flower,a faery or an elf go unnoticed, unloved.
I celebrate you with the love of one who has been forsaken
And understands your priceless and immense value.
Everything that has been designated for me is yours also 
given freely and in joy. 
Restored we are to the ecstasy that is our Home.
Princess Lirala Lalondra