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Transformation Process Facilitator Training Series


The Transformational Facilitation Process is a powerful life changing healing technique. Through this process we are able to take our awareness deep into the feelings of the body, where negative patterning is stored. Through working with the higher energy of our souls we are able to take the energy of truth, into these negative issues which are stored as stagnated and low vibrations.

By taking our Souls energy into these places we can trigger a deep and profoundly cathartic release of emotions, blocked energies and devolutionary codes from within the DNA. We can clear these negative patterns which have resulted from experiences we have had in this lifetime, past lives and in other lives in other, places in the universe. This technique is unique in the fact it works deep inside the body and DNA, it brings about lasting changes which can affect us on all levels of our consciousness. Over the training programme you will learn this powerful techique for yourself and others. This is a certificated training programme of ” The Evolving Human Project ” .

It is a series of 6 weekend seminars, running throughout a year to become a certificated and qualified Transformational Facilitator . Please click HERE for the Transformational Facilitator Training Manual.

Want to try the Transformational Process yourself then listen to a MP3 of the meditation with Alloya.

Contact Alloya if you are interested in attending this seminar or organising the seminar in your local area.


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