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Transformation Process

This is a process which you can use, to aid the integration of the various Soul aspects, or selves.

High frequency energies coming from the engagement with the Soul clears negative low frequency programming and patterning from the energetic and physical bodies.

The high vibrational resonance that comes about through this process clears the dark light memories from the cells of the physical body and dna, activating memories from past lives both upon the earth and in other places in the Universe.

Hidden coded memories activate during this process enabling an awakening to Self.

Reprogramming on a cellular level occurs enabling space for a new level of resonance which comes directly from the Soul, activating the frequency of Truth within the body itself, opening up a new level of communication between the Multi- Self and all its aspects.

The body is not really solid at all, but a complex creation of energies and frequencies. Some of these energies can be negative and dark. This is your dark patterning. This energy is held in the very cells of the body through the medium of emotion. The body is often full of dark energy which is manifesting itself as sadness, fear, anger, grief, or rage.It is possible for this patterning to come from early childhood, but is often only mirrored there; it often has its origin in a past life, both on and off this planet. It is possible for the initial issue you start with to only be the very first layer of a much deeper story, one that goes back into the far distant past and may even be sourced from Extraterrestrial places.

If I look at the energy body of a client, I often see clouds of dark energy trapped in the cells of the body, especially in certain areas. Most people I work with hold their negativity in certain key places. These are: the head, especially in the temples, forehead, and back of the skull. In the neck and throat, shoulders and chest, solar plexus, lower back, hips, thighs and feet. The client is also aware of where the negativity is stored in the body, as this is the place that feels uncomfortable. People can have heaviness in the chest, which is often grief and heart wound. They also report butterfly feelings in the stomach, which is usually fear. Heaviness, pain, discomfort, tingling; all of these responses is the body trying to show us where the negativity is stored and needs to be released. These are what I call your uncomfortable places in the body. So during this process I will often ask you to find your uncomfortable place. All you need to do at this time is become aware of your body, really feel what is going on inside and feel where the negativity is stored and is manifesting as discomfort.

This is not a process for your head. At first your head may wonder if anything is happening at all. However the more you do this process, the more quiet your rational mind will become and you will begin to open up and experience the process going on inside the physical and emotional bodies. As you progress you will also become aware of the Soul, and after some practice you will begin to communicate with your Soul in words, pictures and feelings. You will come to understand through this communication why certain things have happened to you in your past, both of this lifetime and previous lifetimes. You will come to know the perspective of your Soul in your body during these moments.

The difference between this process and many others is that this process goes on inside the cells of the body; it transforms the very atoms. It unlocks dormant codes inside the DNA, which can only be activated with the presence of a higher energy as a trigger in the body. These codes hold information which is needed by the Soul and the body to ascend in vibration. Thus this information is vital to the evolution of the client.

Many people think that their Soul’s energy is already in the body, but this is seldom true. Often the Souls is attached yet distant in both space and dimension. We as humans live on a planet which is frequency controlled by a matrix. This matrix prevents the contact between the Soul and the client. During this process not only will you heal and transform your negativity but you will anchor into the body the energy of your Soul.

It is possible through the continual practice of this process to fully integrate all your soul aspects -and then your entire Soul- fully into the cells and atoms of the body. The presence of the Soul in the body will not only heal the client, but will also spiritually evolve the client at an incredible rate.

The Soul will bring you your Truth. Truth is not a concept of morals from the mind. It is a frequency in itself; it is an intense healing energy which calls all energies back to their original expression. That is to say that the energy of Truth releases the illusion which holds this negativity in the body. During this process there will be waves of Truth which your Soul will bring to you. This Truth -once in your body- will not only clear the negativity from the body, it will also bring the positive energy from the higher dimensions of your Soul into your body. This is when the real transformation goes on. It is not only that you have just released your negativity and become lighter; you are achieving so much more than that. You are actually changing the vibration of the atoms of your body.

You are ascending!

Also, with these waves of Truth will come your Soul’s perspective. You will get words, pictures, and feelings from your Soul, to allow you a deeper understanding of the process and transformation that you are going through. Everything is chosen by your Soul to experience. Therefore you can have access to a wisdom and perspective which is more highly evolved than the one the human personality often has. The Soul knows the Truth about you, which is basically that you are an aspect of the Creator, expressing yourself as a multidimensional being, existing in many dimensions at once. Your Human expression is only one of many, and you in this aspect are a powerful, creative, divine being of Light.

With this perspective in your body, your body has no alternative than to heal and transform. It is impossible to buy into the illusion of being a victim of your own life and lives, when you are aware of how you chose it and why. Your soul will bring you back your power, your creativity, and your sense of being divine.

You will Transform!

1) Find somewhere comfortable to sit where you will be not be disturbed. You need a comfortable upright chair. It is not advisable to lie down as you may fall asleep. It is important to sit up right and be focused yet comfortable. Do not cross the arms or legs, as this stops the flow of energy.

2) Close the eyes. (I know you will have to do this online process with your eyes open to read. However, when you practice the process alone, it is advisable to remove all distractions and close the eyes.)

3) Take some really deep breaths. When I say deep, I mean deep. Many of you do not breathe with a half of your lung capacity. I really want to see you breathe deeply, so that your belly moves visibly in and out. Those of you who breathe in the upper chest are often the ones -in a process such as this- who stay locked in their heads and do not complete the process. The only hard part about doing a technique such as this is allowing your awareness to drop from the mind into the body. The emotions are often triggered if we breathe deeper in our belly. Many of us breathe shallow when we are frightened, to try to control the emotions that are churning in our bellies. We know ways to control our emotions and keep them locked in the body. We have many defence mechanisms which are in place to protect us from feeling these emotions. Only through your breathing and focus will you get beyond the body’s defence mechanisms. Follow the breathe into the body. Many of you are not even in your bodies at all. To get into your body fully may take some time. Be patient with yourself and do not let your head get in the way. Stay focused.

4) Take your awareness fully into your body and really feel what your body feels like. Have a good look around in the body and feel what is going on inside all areas of your form. Once you feel that you are really aware in your body, we can move on. It may take some time for you to complete this stage; it is often at this point that the client will go back into their head and begin to think all sorts of distracting things to prevent the process. It is important that you do not put yourself down for this but try again. Take deep breathes as this always silences the mind. Bring your awareness back into the body and really feel what is going on. The reason you are running back into your head is because this is your body’s main defence mechanism in action. It is important to get out of the head and into the body, or this process simply will not work. Take your time until you know for sure you are focused in your body, and then we can continue.

5) Begin to think about your issue, the problem you brought to the session. Think about it in all its aspects and all its layers. As you do, your emotional body will begin to respond and you should allow this surfacing of the emotions. Do not analyze them as this will put you back in your head. Just simply feel. Notice where in your body reacts to these thoughts and emotions connected with the issue. Where in your body do you feel uncomfortable? Is it in your belly, legs, solar plexus, or head? Find your uncomfortable place. Once you have found your uncomfortable place, take your awareness much deeper into this place, and really feel how uncomfortable it really is. Stay focused on this place, really feel it.

6) In your mind put out a request for the energy of your Soul to come to you. Simply request it. Your Soul will build its energy in the air around your body. Do not worry if you cannot see anything or even feel anything. Just trust that it is there for you. Once there is enough of your Soul’s energy in the air around your body, you can breathe in the energy of your Soul. You will just get a sense of when this is. Do not worry if it is not so obvious to you at first. Like I said, it takes some time before you are aware of your Soul’s energy. Just trust! Begin to really breathe in the energy of your Soul. Try to get as much of your Soul’s energy in your body as you possibly can. Get your Soul’s energy into every single cell of your body. Especially breathe down into the uncomfortable place. Get as much as you can of your Soul’s energy into the place where the negativity is situated.

7) Keep breathing in the energy of your Soul into this uncomfortable place. Once you have enough energy in this place, you can share your experience with your Soul. Your Soul is in your body -it can see and feel everything that you are seeing and feeling right now. So allow your Soul to see and feel all those emotions connected to your issue and is held in this place. Let your Soul see how uncomfortable this place really is. Keep breathing in its energy and allow it to see and feel it all.

8) At this early stage of the process usually one of two things happens. Either you begin to access your emotions in a deeper way than normal. Or you go back into your head and refuse to feel. Do not worry if this happens to you, simply bring your focus back to your body and begin to think about your issue to access how you feel about it and allow your Soul to see it with you. It is so very important to not edit anything or block anything from your Soul. Your Soul will not judge you not matter what. It loves you and is here to support you. You must allow your emotions to flow. Do not try to block them or push them away. Just allow.

9) When your Soul comes close to your body, it will bring up anything that is in the way of you standing in your Truth. Therefore you will find that your emotions come up strong and you will be sometimes overwhelmed. Just allow any emotion that wants to come up to be expressed. Do not worry and think you are going to cry forever. This process moves at an incredible rate, and you will moving into the next layer before you know it.

10) Once you have really explored this negativity, your Soul will bring you your Truth. The Soul will build the energy of Truth in the air around your body, just like it did with its own energy. You may not even be aware of this, as you will be deep in your emotions. However, saying this, you will definitely feel it when you take the Truth into your body. You will find that all of a sudden you will take a very deep breathe. It may even catch your breathe. You will feel the tingle of the energy of Truth as it enters your body, removing the negativity and replacing it with Soul’s light. You may find that you have to take a few deep breathes to get the Truth in. Especially breathe it into the uncomfortable place. This process at this point pretty much takes care of itself; once there is enough Soul energy in your body it takes care of itself . All you have to do is breathe and allow all feelings and emotions.

11) Now the process could stop there, but often it does not. Once you have peeled away one layer, there are often more and more. One issue is often connected to another, and this creates layers within the negative patterning. The process will continue much as above until you either run out of physical energy and have had enough for one day, or you hit a core issue. (More about core issues below.)

12) Once your Soul has removed the negativity through the emotional expression, it will fill the cells of your body with your Truth. All you should do is allow, and breathe, and relax. This is the point where the transformation of the cells is occurring. You may feel tingles, numbness, cold; these are all symptoms of the high energy going into your body. Do not worry about any strange body feelings; these will subside. At this point it is possible to communicate with your Soul; you can talk with your Soul. You may get information in words, pictures, or feelings. What ever way it comes is fine. Just allow. Breathe in the energy of the message; really let your body feel it.

13) Once you feel that the process is complete, thank your Soul for working with you and feel how much it loves you.

14) Start to bring your awareness back into the room -really take your time. Sometimes it is hard to come back after such an experience; take your time. Make sure you are totally back and grounded. Open your eyes.

15) Always drink plenty of water after this session, as this work releases the toxins in the body, and if you get a head ache it is because you have not drunk enough water. You can repeat this process as many times as you like. It is designed as an ascension tool that you can learn to use not only within a specific process, but also in your every day life. Try breathing in your Truth when you are experiencing negativity in your everyday life; this will transform your experience in the moment. Your Soul is always around you. It just needs your permission to support you.

Every problem or issue you have is only the outer skin or layer of a much more complex dark pattern in the body. Through the process you may transform this layer and move deeper into the issue. It is like an onion; each issue is built upon much deeper and more ancient issues. You will find that the issue you went into the process with is seldom the real issue, but the outer edge of a much deeper pain or wound. It is possible to start with an issue that is in your now reality and peel away at it until you hit a new layer of the issue. You can keep peeling away, transforming layers of negativity which have been there since your birth. Then if your Soul wishes you to go further back and deeper into the issue, you may find that this issue comes from a past life. It is not always past lives on this planet that can hold karma and dark patterning in your body. You may discover E.T. stories of when you existed on other planets in the universe. If you peel away even more, you will finally hit upon a core issue.

All issues are based on certain core issues that we all as humans hold in our bodies. These core issues allowed us to play in the illusion. However, now is the time to wake up and play a different game. Core issues are things like “I am not worthy”, “I am not loved”, “I am not good enough” etc, etc. If you peel away at any of these core issues, you will find the ultimate core issue. Which is the feeling of separation from the Source. This is everyone’s deepest and most intense pain .This core issue is the centre of all issues and all pain. If you process, you can begin to chip away at this core issue and bring more of the Soul’s light into your body.

It is advisable to begin to process with the energy of your own Soul, as the body is often more comfortable with this energy. However as you work, you will begin to open to the many different aspects of the Soul, and you will open to work with Angels, Star beings and even ETs. Any energy which you consider to be higher in vibration to yourself is fine to work with during this process.

You can move through tremendous shifts and changes if you dedicate some time to your own healing through this process. You can remove enough of the negativity in your body not only to feel better and more whole, but to allow room to anchor into your body the many different energies -or aspects- that make up your Soul. It is an incredible and valuable tool to have in your ascension and integration tool kit.

I went into a process with the energy of my Soul in my body, in the area of my throat. For some weeks I had this strange tickle cough that only came when I was working with higher energies and trying to channel through my voice. At first there was only the feeling in the body of a stone in the throat. As I focused, an emotion began to arise in me. It was fear, desperation; total terror. I allowed the emotions, even though at that point I did not really know what it was about. Then my mind formed the words to make me understand the emotions: this was a fear to express myself spiritually through being a channel. I went through many layers of fear, and went back into memories in my childhood when I had spoken out that I could see fairies, and the children at school had made fun of me. I peeled away at this issue which had manifested in my throat.

The truth came like a rush from my Soul, and I breathed it in. Then the next layer presented itself. I was catapulted back into a past life, where I was a brilliant channel, and had been killed for doing just that. I cannot tell you how intense the visions, memories and body feelings I experienced were as the transformation continued. I did not think I could go any deeper. Yet there was another layer to go. I hit a core issue and had memories of not being able to speak out my Truth when the angels first fell from heaven. I had memories of my fall from the dimension or height of the Source. I realized my pain came from my sorrow and longing to be with the Source. I cannot tell you the rush of energy I got from my Soul when I cleared -if only to a small percentage- this core issue. So you see you can go as far as you want and are able to with this process.

Now that you have heard all the blah, you are ready to go away and do some homework. I want you to go away and read this process over and over until you are familiar with it as a technique. Then I want you to have a go, I want you to get to the point where you can complete the process from start to finish and feel you have:

a) been actively focused in the body during the whole process.
b) had some awareness of the energy of the Soul -whether that be in words, pictures, or feelings.
c) had some awareness of when the Truth came into the body.

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