Transforming Everyone

Exacting times? , in which you now live. Never has there been a time on your planet, where you have had so many possibilities available to you, so many different routes to take, so many avenues for your expression. Never has there been so many different stories, frequencies being played out on one planet. You are indeed living in very exciting times. There is a great play happening on your planet. There are actors from all over the universe, incarnating into human bodies to play their parts. It is still very uncertain as to how this will play out. All the beings from all over the universe have come to witness the unfolding of this play. Some are here only in energy bodies, some fly the skies in crafts, some have been brave enough to incarnate into the human body and its 3D systems. There are hybrids everywhere, many of you are not entirely human in your soul and thus as you integrate these alien aspects into your bodies, you transform to become a super hybrid and aid the planet in her transformation. The integration process is so much more effective in the transforming of planets, than many of you realise. As you integrate each aspect of your soul into your body, you are doing a number of different things to aid the transformation. The information that each self brings activates certain codes in the d.n.a, which aid the process of activating the light body. The activation of the light body is responsible on a mass scale, for the ascension of the frequency of the planet. When those incarnated on the planet, activate their light bodies, they will create a network of energy, which will aid the planet in her frequency change.

This however is only one side of the story.

When you integrate these different aspects, which represent all the different races in the universe into your body, then you are aiding those races in their transformation too. You all know how it is to change when you integrate these different aspects into your body, how it affects all your selves, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. You know how powerful this integration process can be. This integration process is just as intense for those races that are integrated, as it is for you. Each aspect is connected with its race, place or dimension in the universe, which means that the whole race too can transform .As they merge with you and your physical body; they too go through a deep process. Some of these races are deeply aware of this integration process and are finding ways to facilitate this. The Zeta over the past years of intense integration, have developed new ways of working with hybrids, to anchor in the frequencies into the body in more comfortable ways. Stories of the Zeta abducting humans is lessening, as the humans wake up and realise that this is a soul contract and an exciting integration process is going on. The Zeta are a very good example to clarify my findings. When I first started working with them in 1990, they were a lot different to how they are now. As you are probably aware the Zeta do not have an emotional body, and there fore they often can appear cold. The Zeta I worked with then, were sometimes cruel, not through intention but simply because they did not know how to interact with the human. They were very puzzled at the functions of the physical human body and its emotions. They often experimented on me, sometimes with pain and were completely unable to recognise my fear, pain or terror. I would never say I was abducted because I knew from the very beginning that they were part of my soul and I had a contract to work with them, but I was aware I was an experiment.

I am a Zeta / human hybrid blueprint. I am a prototype. The Zeta experimented on me with my permission, to find ways of integrating their energies into the bodies of those Zeta who had incarnated into the human system, but were yet to awaken. They experimented to find more comfortable ways of integration. Much of the pain and fear, which I went through in the early days of my integration, simply did not occur for those who came after me. I noticed especially in my seminars, that people were not reporting the familiar symptoms that many of those people who had previously integrated the Zeta energy had. The Zeta blow your mind, it is a little over whelming to realise with your conscious mind that you are not entirely human and part alien in your soul. However this is not the only challenge when working with the integration of the Zeta energy. The high energy that these aspects bring can literally fry your neural networks in the brain. The whole nervous system can be affected, many people in the early days reported nerve pains in their shoulders, back and arms. Some reported waking up in the morning unable to move their arms, as they were numb and cold. For three years I had pain in my shoulder and arm, finishing in my wrist, where my Zeta implant sat. I thought for ages I had a trapped nerve, and visited chiropractors to try and fix the problem. It was all futile.

After months of pain the Zeta came into my conscious awareness and explained to me that I was an experiment and that they had inserted an implant into my wrist, which was some sort of communication device, allowing me to channel their energy fully. However this implant was not in harmony with my physical body’s vibration. This meant that as they channelled their energy into my body, they were literally frying me. They told me after lots of research and experimentation, they had found a way to change the frequency of the implant, so it was in harmony with my body. This they did and I have had no discomfort since. The magnitude of this event became apparent to me when I worked with them after the changing of the implant. They explained to me that in their experimentation and their research, they had come to know a great deal about the human physical body, its energy body and its connection to them as a soul aspect. In this they had learnt so many things that had allowed them to transform as a race. Through this intense focus of the integration process they had transformed and were evolving at a tremendous rate. I was suddenly struck by the magnitude of what was going on. The Zeta had indeed changed. They were still unemotional, but were coming to understanding, in a highly intelligent way, the workings of the human. The Zeta are missing certain information and energy to continue in their evolution and need us as humans to give them the missing pieces. They communicated to me how much they had advanced through our interaction. In one seminar, the Zeta told me that they knew love. Of course they would not be able to feel love as they had no emotional body, but they could mentally understand love. This was a very big break through for these beings. After this I watched as instead of people screaming when I brought their energy into the room, I saw people open up to these creative beings and see them for who they really were. They were not strange, cruel, scary aliens but creative, intelligent soul aspects. People opened fully to them and integrated their energy, with this new concept of love ringing through the Zeta consciousness, the human physical body opened to the Zeta frequency much more comfortably. I began to become aware of how fast and how much these beings were transforming and looked into the other races, which I had also integrated for signs of change. What I saw was a hugely complex exchange of energy all going on inside of my body. It was as if the whole universe was inside of my body. My body contained all the different soul aspects that there is in the universe. I realised that karmic stories, were connecting not only humans to other beings out in the universe, but also connecting alien being with alien being. What I am saying is that through the integration process I had activated a transformation for each and every being that I had integrated. Their energies were interacting inside of me, my body had become a vessel to house all their energies, as they merged inside of me, I could feel and perceive levels of healing and balancing going on between all the different races’s energy inside of me.

The Zeta explained to me that the human physical body is an amazing creation. It is possible to release karmic stories from other races of beings inside of the physical body. That is to say that as we integrate these different beings within us, we give them the opportunity to release their karma through us, to play out their games, transform themselves through the interaction with the human body. That is the reason so many of you who do not come from Earth are here at this time; it is to release the karmic stories of your whole race. When you come here and integrate all that you are on the other levels, you bring their stories too. As you heal and play out these energy games, you are transforming the entire race that you are in your soul. These karmic dramas and stories coming from other races can be played out in your everyday 3D lives. There are amazing stories between the Reptilian races and humans; a lot of this karmic story is now being triggered by the energy of the earth itself. You may find that in your everyday life the same stories are being played out. You may change roles, and animate different aspects in different situations with different people. For many of you this goes unnoticed, but for some it is intense as you remember such lives lived in Atlantean times and the like. You may experience past life memories where you were a human living in these times, and then it will switch so you can remember the Reptilian side of the story and so on. Through your expression of emotion brought on by these memories, you are releasing karmic patterning that has been brought to you by a particular soul aspect. This karmic patterning is held in your energy body and is activated shortly after the integration of that particular aspect. Other people in your reality will hold the energy of the other, for instance one will be the human, the other the Reptilian and through your interaction you will heal an incredible amount. Do not think you are going mad if you see your friends change into Lizards.

Remember we are all shape shifters.

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