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Viruses throughout the dimensions

We think that viruses are biological invasions of microorganisms, which are a threat to the physical body, and they are contracted from forces outside of ourselves. We think that viruses are body orientated and third dimensional only. However this is not entirely true, not all the viruses and sicknesses that you are experiencing are sourced from the third dimensional. Even the milder viruses that manifest as colds and flu do not always originate from the third dimension. The third dimension is the final dimension where you will see the manifestation of a virus occurring. Viruses can and often do originate from a higher dimension, such as the fourth.

We are locked into the third dimension in our awareness and therefore we perceive the virus as being a third dimensional physical manifestation, however in truth the body is the final resting place of the virus and the virus in truth is sourced from a much higher dimension. It is only when we see physical symptoms manifest in the physical body do we come to realise that we are sick. However the energy of the virus has been on a long journey through many of our other bodies affecting us on many other levels, way before it finally arrives here in the third dimension and manifests in the body as illness.

The physical body is the last expression of the Soul to manifest symptoms of being infected by a virus, the virus does not originate in the third dimensional physical body, but has come about by passing through a long line of imbalanced thought processes on various levels. On a higher level an imbalance occurs and this imbalance is then filtered down through the dimensions to finally manifest in the physical body. It is then tangible and recognised by the medical professions and treatment occurs. Whether this treatment is successful or not does not depend upon the medication administrated, it depends on the intent of the Soul. All viruses are chosen on a higher dimensional level by the Soul consciousness, in order to learn about the manifestation of imbalance. There are many levels to the flu virus for example, the fever in itself can change your consciousness, open up your dream states, open your perception to other beings from other dimensions, deep and meaningful thought processes are often triggered, allowing a change or transformation to come about.

The physical body is used to contracting cold and flu viruses and manifesting them in the body with the usual symptoms of runny noses, sore throat, headaches and changing temperatures, however not all of these symptoms are the result of contracting a tangible, physical virus. When a foreign element enters the body, the immune system will recognise it as an invading element and trigger the body into a defence, to attack and destroy the invading element. The symptoms that often accompany the invasion of the body by a foreign element are the body’s way of defending itself and ridding itself of the foreign element. This is an automatic response of the body to its invasion.
The body more than any other expression or form of the Soul, is held in the idea of separation. It has developed over thousands of years a consciousness that says that it is separate to any other form or being. It is easy to accept that on the higher levels we are all one, yet in the confines of the third dimension, the body has been created under the strict and defining laws of separation. The body holds the belief that it is separate and therefore has also developed an awareness that supports this fundamental belief. It has developed complex survival defence mechanisms, to ensure its protection from the other, (whether that other, is a another human body, a predictor or virus).

The immune system is the body’s defence system, protecting it against invading elements. It is a complex and intricately designed system that is often on red alert. The body has become so finely tuned to the detection of invading elements that it can often become triggered even when a positive element has entered the body. The integration process that we are all going through is putting a strain on the immune system, as it is triggered over and over again, as it is convinced that it is being invaded by a foreign element. This can result in the immune system becoming hyper sensitive and even a little paranoid. There are many of you that are developing allergies to food, pollen, house dust and the like. These allergies have not been with you since your birth and have developed as you have progressed along your spiritual path of integration. As you integrate the various soul aspects, the body detects them and believes them to be foreign elements entering its form, the body then becomes over defensive and creates allergies as a reaction against what it thinks is an enemy. The body also can create flu like symptoms and virus like illnesses to express the idea that it is being invaded.

Are these symptoms of an allergy or illness created by the actual presence of biological visitors, or are the symptoms because of a body’s innate belief that the presence of a foreign element is creating a danger to its survival?
The body has a consciousness of its own, and a mind with a set of beliefs from which it creates its reality and expresses itself within. Over thousands of years, the body has created a set of beliefs, which it has developed into the complex immune and defence system that we see today. Whilst it was living upon a planet whose directive was to create a reality of separation, it was useful and correct for it to develop such beliefs. However now that we are moving out of the confines of separation into the energy of oneness, it is time for the body to change its beliefs to encompass the new ideas of oneness. Just as you have had to re-educate your mind to incorporate the idea that we are all one and that separation is only an illusion, the body too has to be reeducated. Many of the virus symptoms that you are experiencing are the body’s way of alerting you to the integration of a foreign element. This foreign element may not be a biological invasion of a virus, but in fact the presence of a higher dimensional soul aspect.
Many of these soul aspects are originating from the fourth dimension and are often out of balance. The fourth dimension is a place of extremes, light and dark, positive and negative. Many of the soul aspects sourcing from the fourth dimension are out of alignment with the balance of the higher soul self and are in need of healing and rebalancing themselves. When they enter the body in their out of balance state, the body recognises them as a foreign and invading element and sends the immune system into an alerted state. From this alerted state all imbalance in the body is highlighted. That is to say that any imbalance in the body, no matter how small and insignificant is highlighted, exaggerated and illness is the result. The body is not really ill as it believes, but showing symptoms of illness, this is the only way that the body can express to you that it is out of balance, as the result of the integration of an imbalanced fourth dimensional soul aspect.

It has been interesting for me to watch this occurring in my clients. Many of my clients who have imbalanced reptilian soul aspects sourcing from the fourth dimension, have skin allergies and complaints occurring on their bodies, after they integrate these beings. Eczema and other similar skin conditions often flare up with the integration of these reptilian soul aspects. This has also been the case with the integration of many of the serpent races; I have seen a skin condition, which is scaly appear on the body of my clients shortly after they have integrated their imbalanced serpent selves. It seems the more alien the aspect, the more of a problem the body will have with the integration. Many of the so called viruses that super hybrids are having in these times are not viruses in the purely physical sense but are other dimensional imbalances that are occurring from the integration of imbalanced soul aspects.

There are viruses that are entities in their own rights, they are the result of imbalanced integration but are beings in their own rights, who are here on the earth at this time to teach mankind a valuable lesson. As we are raise our consciousness and become more aware in the fourth dimension, we are become more aware of the origins of these viruses. Many of them are collectively agreed upon by the species suffering from the infection. That is to say that the Over Soul of the humans on Earth agree upon a certain set of invading elements that are present on the fourth dimension that once infiltrate the physical body are called viruses. The collective consciousness of humanity upon the Earth agrees upon a certain virus to bring about set of lessons that will enable humanity to learn and grow.

The Aids Virus is a classic example of a collective virus that enables humanity to grow. The Aids virus has brought into the awareness of humanity a need to be more responsible sexually. This virus does not only apply its lessons to those who contract the virus but also makes all of humanity aware of their responsibility to each other sexually. A cure for this virus will not occur until humanity has reached a level where it does not need to learn the lessons that the Aids virus carries.

The next time you have a virus, communicate with your body, delve deep into the feelings that accompany the virus, find out the lesson that it is bringing to you. Within every virus there is lots of wisdom, through your sickness you can come to learn more about yourself. You may find that the symptoms you are experiencing are because of an imbalanced soul aspect that is being integrated. Call in the energy of your higher soul self and ask to heal the imbalanced aspect. If your virus symptoms are because of an actual virus, then communicate with the virus itself, as it is a living entity, for you are able to communicate with it, just as you would a soul aspect or other dimensional being. Ask questions like why you have contracted this virus, what lessons it is going to teach you whilst within your body. And above all love your virus for out of the perception of judgement, it as your friend.

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