Wasp Consciousness and Brain frequencies

During my Ayahuasca Ceremony I went through a brain healing. I have never been able to fully close my one eye ever since I was a child I have not been able to completely shut it and when I go to sleep at first it flutters so intensely that if I try to resist it, it gives me a headache. I also hold my face very tense especially when I am asleep; I often wake up grinding my teeth. When I have information downloads my eyes go crazy and flutter in a strange Morse code. I am a very visual person especially in meditation however I am always left with a headache after, not a strong headache more a tightness, a tension. I have a feeling like my brain is out of sync, like I am out of balance.

Mother Ayahuasca told me it was time for my brain healing and that she warned me that it was going to be painful and I was to relax as much as I possibly could as it would soon be over. All. of a sudden I felt like I was only my head and brain like I did not have a body. I saw Mother Ayahuasca unlocking a metal grid which was surrounding my head, I saw her with tweezers and pliers, undoing nuts and bolts which held this strange metal cage around my head. At the time I dawned on me this is what Gaia must feel like having all the metal pylons and mobile phone masts upon her, it is affecting her mind, the Gaian brain. She began to work inside my brain undoing all these nuts and bolts, disconnecting what looked like artificial chips inside my brain. It was super painful like I was being electrocuted. At the same time I had an audible ringing not only in my ears but my whole head. It was super high pitched and very discordant and it was painful. It was the worst vibration I have ever felt it was cutting into my brain. I could feel the electromagnetic smog upon the planet and how it was affecting my brain. I had lasers in my vision but instead of being beautiful lasers creating harmonious and wonderful patterns like I had seen before, they were discordant and created ugly angular entities that began to torture me. As these lasers crossed over each other they created the most awful sound, like chalk on a black board but much worse, I thought my ears would pop. The lasers as the sparked off each other, they sent the most awful vibration deep inside my brain, I was begging for mercy, but Mother Ayahuasca was holding me, supporting me through the whole experience.

As this healing went on I began to feel an outside interference that was coming from the artificial matrix which is upon the planet, like it knew I was freeing myself from it and it had alerted its army of discordant mind frequencies to torture me into stopping the process, but of course I could not stop it, even though at times I wished I could. They turned up these discordant frequencies until it became unbearable.

Mother Ayahuasca told me now it was time for my pineal gland and that we needed another level of consciousness to aid me in my healing and she called in the Wasp consciousness. I could hear this wasp and feel its buzzing as it came close to me, it then entered my pineal gland and by this time the buzzing was so loud I could no longer hear the lasers only this incredibly loud buzzing of a wasp. I thought my pineal gland was actually going to pop, I honestly thought my pineal gland would actually pop. I thought I would be a cabbage in the morning with no ability to think a thought again. It went on probably for no more than five minutes but it felt like a life time, my face was contorting, the pressure was incredible I bit my tongue several times.

The wasp went right inside my pineal gland and realigned all of these discordant frequencies. It turned out that all the frequencies were supposed to be there but were distorted so they created a distorted fractal pattern, the Wasp buzzed inside my head until all the discordant frequencies harmonised. I realised that the mobile phone masts, electricity pylons and such like are having a direct and discordant effect on the matrix of our brains. It is through this manipulation that we are kept locked into the matrix, and become easily controlled through our thinking. The Wasp realigned and balanced me. Finally it was over and the Wasp left with my thanks because now my vision was no longer only a small view but had become a huge wide screen TV. I then went on an incredible journey flying across the planet. Later when the downloads came in pulses in my eyes, it no longer caused me headaches and my vision was so much brighter and clearer.

The Insect races are responsible for the maintenance of the Gaian brain. The mobile phone masts and the chemicals we use on our soils are killing these important insect races, without them Gaia cannot think straight. The insect with both their sounds, their flight and movements and also their unique vibration maintains the fractal plasma field of the planet. The mobile phone masts are causing the death of these beings and also confusing them, thus they are being forced by the electromagnetic frequencies coming from these masts to create discordant, geometric patterns in the fractal plasma field of the planet. This will only lead to more death of species including humans. A lot is at stake here. With the destruction of the insect races we are affecting their ability to create a harmonious fractal pattern within the plasma field of Gaia. It is very important that we help repopulate these much needed species that pollinate our planet.