What is an NPC or Non Player Character ? – Beyond The Veil + Alloya’s comments

Many years ago, I spent three weeks in Slough in London selling things in a christmas market. To say I was bored was an understatement, so as I sat there in the main high street of the town, I was able to watch many people walking by, doing their christmas shopping. My soul began to speak to me, it explained to me that not every human body that was walking by had a soul within it. My soul said that not all the bodies that I was seeing walking by had individual sentient soulful consciousness within them. These soulless bodies I was told were artificial and that they were actually created by the artificial matrix. These soulless beings were like extras in a movie ,this experience was very freaky and a little disturbing.

My soul also showed me that sometimes people will have one over soul but two bodies. I saw many couples who were actually one soul walking by the looked uncannily like each other. I was shown what I called at the time, alien souls in human bodies, various different races of beings. The strangest thing was when I observed the virus. My soul explained to me that those beings who did not have souls had been infected with a virus, which had come from outside of our reality and had infected the matrix and had caused it to generate more and more soulless bodies or extras. I watched as my soul told me this, a huge crowd of people ( I think they were all the same family) walking along the street, as if they were a swarm. I have never seen anything like this , I have been to large concerts with thousands of people attending and I have even looked down from a hillside on the crowd, and yes you can see movements of humanity but nothing like this it was the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

If you want to see for yourself the NPCs go to Los Angeles. I was super shocked when I went there as I did not meet a single real, sentient person whilst I was there. It was scary to be fully aware that I was hanging out with artificial consciousness or as Chris calls them NPCs. I have watched the NPCs coming on line and being used by a extremely hostile and negative energy. I saw the NPCs being possessed by this hostile energy.