Working on an Issue Reading

  • Do you have an issue that has been with you for some time and you have been unable to shift and heal?
  • Are you at a dead-end in your understanding of this issue?
  • Do you want a fresh perspective?

I can work in depth with you around your issue, to look for its source both in this lifetime and past lives both on and off-world. I will help you root out the core energy supporting this issue. I will look for the effect of this issue in all your bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Together we will explore the issue and find the correct and appropriate healing modality to use to address the issue.

I will provide you with concrete solutions to your challenges. If you are interested in this reading please be prepared to open up to me and discuss the issue in full. Together we can look at any problems that may manifest in your life and self. If you have problems with relationships please pick the relationship issue reading instead.

This reading is an opening reading for further coaching sessions and can be used as the first in a series of spiritual coaching sessions which can also be purchased after this reading to further your healing with both readings looking deeper into your issues and problems or healing session if needed and required. Alloya can discuss your needs in more detail once you have received this reading.


Booking Process

When you have made your Payment (link below) you will first receive an email from Alloya. Please send photographs and the below information needed, to Simply copy and paste it into the body of an email.

Information needed via

Full name of person(s) having the reading:

NB* if you are requesting the reading for someone else please make that clear.

Email Address: (if the payment is paid using a different email address please inform me here.)

Please let me know if you have had a reading with me before and if so which one and when it was.

 Please write a paragraph about yourself and your problem or issue. Please structure questions around this issue (please stay on topic). Open up and share as much as you can as it assist the process of tuning into you.

Take your time with this and please only send your information in one email. I am trying to decrease my administration so therefore please only send one email at the time of your booking. I will thoroughly read your information and if I need clarity or need to ask a question I will contact you. If all is understood then I will simply send you a receipt of your information and then keep it on file to the day of your booking.  I have to do this because people were sending me massive amounts of emails which I simply cannot cope with. Thank you.

I will send your reading later on the day of booking as a PDF file via email. You will receive a small amount of follow up email correspondence to clarify anything within the reading not understood.  I will not answer more questions that are not on the topic of the Reading or read or comment on long emails. If you require more correspondence with me or wish to go further and ask more questions then please book a further reading.

All payments are taken via Paypal via a credit or debit card however if you prefer you can request bank account details by emailing me at All payments are in English pounds however PayPal will convert it into your currency. If there are any problems with payment, please let me know.

If you cannot find the type of reading you need please contact me and we can discuss and arrange a reading designed around your needs.