You have been lied to- Poem


You have been lied to, since the moment of your birth

Much of which that has been taught to you, has been taught in reverse


You are under a black magic spell, and you have no clue

You think you are independent, yet you think of nothing new


You live in a prison reality, with invisible walls that trap

You think you walk your own path, when you just sing someone else’s rap.


You consider yourself a free spirit, but you only know how to conform

You think you are one of a kind, when really you are just the norm.


It is time to break free now, from mind control and delusion

Its time now to step out, from your confusion


It is time now to take back your mind, and free it from all those lies

It is time now to see the truth, and look into those chemtrails skies


T.V and Media with its subliminal,  NLP

This is a spell, if only you could see


That you have been programmed, and led by the mind

By others on this planet, which are not human kind


Wake up human family, you are being deceived

Your demise ,is being weaved


By black magicians, who hide behind closed doors

Who do rituals, on checker floors.